Scenes From The Office

I wish I could promise you that I’ll stop posting ice cream treats that make you drool in front of the screen, but I wouldn’t want to lie. It really is music to my ears hearing those little whispers that the ice cream truck has pulled up to the offices. Colorful sprinkles scream summertime and are just waiting for a picture to be snapped. I love how refreshing the office can be simply because of color. It’s really amazing how much it can effect a mood, and a work space. This week I tried to focus on all of the eye catching colors that I’m surrounded by daily. I wanted to capture how they visually can make each of our hours a little happier. The earthy plants keep the atmosphere breathable and spacious. Craft supplies that splash dreamy hues keep us creative. The people are colorful inside and out. Each personality has a warmth to it, and the clothing speaks for itself. Our snacks, well, they cure our sweet tooth in the brightest way. Take a peek at our week!

hanging plant


office style

office style detail


pile of clothes

grapefruit water

model polaroid

What are your weekend plans? Leave a comment and let us know. Have a beautiful one and breathe in all of the colors!

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9 years ago

Heading to the beach!! can’t wait :-)

9 years ago

Ohh Madisyn this post rocks, your writing and the photos are dreamy!! This weekend I am going home to visit my family for the first time in months!

9 years ago

Mmmm, no need to stop posting ice cream! Ice cream is summer lifeblood. I can’t wait to get my hands on some Ben and Jerry’s the Forecastle music festival in a few hours! Ice cream + Outkast = everything I ever wanted from 2004 – now, haha. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

9 years ago

I’ll be working :( but I’ll live my weekend through anyone that is doing something exciting lol. And travel Instagram posts of course!

9 years ago

Ah so beautiful. I hope to spend my weekend crafting a cute little dreamcatcher for a friend of mine and drawing. And writing. It’s going to be lovely. And as always, wonderful post.

9 years ago

I’ll be clearing out old clutter and working. Mostly clothes and books I don’t need anymore. I’m trying to start fresh, and sort of reinvent myself into a clearer minded person. I just made a flicker, which I’m hoping will help inspire people.