Styling 101: The Mini

The shorter the better in some cases, and that’s what we’re loving these days when it comes to dress hemlines. 

The mini dress is a staple that lives somewhere in many of our wardrobes. For any season, there’s always a way to make it work no matter what temperature it is outside. I think the versatility of a mini dress is what makes it loved by so many of us. When it comes to styling the mini, the options are seemingly endless. Such a versatile piece can be transformed by the wearer, projecting a different look depending on what else is paired with it. You can go bare-legged and sexy, or add in more masculine pieces to tone it down a little. I talked to the merchandisers about how they are wearing the mini this year, and seems to be all about proportion.

“We love dress hemlines getting shorter and styling up the leg with tall socks and over the knee boots! “

It’s hard to think about colder months right now, but as we move towards fall, it’s going to be all about playing up the legs with socks and boots while still showing a bit of skin. Here are three of our favorite ways to style the mini dress–for now, and going into the months ahead!

1) Thigh-High Proportions

thigh high

When wearing a shorter style, it’s fun to play up the look with higher proportions. I love the way the Retro Print Swing Tunic looks paired with some thigh high socks and boots. The short hemline and tall boots will lengthen the look of your legs. When it starts to get a little cooler, this is an easy way to transition a mini dress into fall. The socks and boots will add extra warmth!

Get The Look: Retro Print Swing Tunic, Johnny Tall Boot, Mallow Thigh High

thigh highs and mini

thigh high style

2) Boy It Up

baseball hat

I’m loving this little striped mod tunic right now. Depending on how tall you are, sometimes tunics will be too short. A good way around this is to wear a pair of shorts underneath, or a seamless romper. This way, you still get the mini dress look while feeling a bit more comfortable rather than wearing nothing. I love adding in a bit of boy to a piece that is primarily girly. It can add in a touch of cool for a more casual look, and the easiest way to do this is to throw on a baseball cap. On the feet, I still like to incorporate one of our favorite trends…birks and socks!

Get The Look: Mod About It Tunic, Dorsan Leather Brim Baseball Hat, Arizona Birkenstock, Heathered Highland Boot Sock

birks and stripes


3) Add A Layer

layer with mini

Personally, I sometimes feel too exposed when my arms are bare and a short hemline is revealing so much leg. If I want to cover up a bit, layering on a soft jacket or flannel is normally my go-to move. This is key for transitioning into fall too. My personal style is definitely a little grungy, so anytime I can wear thigh highs and a flannel together in one outfit, I’m down.

In the summertime, take the flannel or jacket off from your shoulders and tie it around the waist!

Get the Look: FP ONE Elise Pintuck Mini Dress, Sheer Plaid Maxi, Dover Suede Clog, Greenwich Thigh Hi


plaid shirt over mini

How do you wear mini dresses?

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6 years ago

Mini dresses are my favorite because I always have an outfit on days when I don’t know what to wear. In the fall/winter, I love to do thigh highs (over tights if it’s cold!) and boots like you showed first, but in summer time I just pair with denim cutoffs. So fun, so easy.

6 years ago

I loooove these looks, the boy it up tip is so cool. These photos have me dreaming of fall (eee!)

6 years ago

Love the mini dress! Being 5’3 I’m all for a dress that shows some leg…and thigh high socks..don’t even get me started.

6 years ago

As an almost-giant (5’10), pretty much every dress I own turns into a mini. It’s a struggle.
I really need to buy those knee high boots for fall! In love!

2 years ago

the fashion girl show shoes so beautiful