Wanderlust Whistler Bound

I went to my first Wanderlust festival in 2012. I was just one year out of college, and you could say I was still a kid. Those brief two days of yoga classes, Ayurveda workshops, yoga spectaculars, and ancient Indian storytelling opened my eyes in ways that I could never have imagined. I left Wanderlust that year changed forever.

It’s safe to say that in the two years since, a lot has happened. While I’m still the same me, I come to this festival a different person. But I guess, the same goes for everyone. We’ll all be coming to Wanderlust Whistler as people at certain points in our lives, and we’ll leave with the lessons and visions that are pertinent to our individual situations.

Because you see, life never stops throwing new things our way. Wanderlust is an environment where you can step back, take a look at it all, and learn what you need in order to move on. We all come there for one reason: to better ourselves, our communities, and the world. As I walk into this second Wanderlust festival as a young adult, I can only begin to imagine the ways in which my course will be set anew.

Upon my return, I will share every last amazing moment with you all. For those of you who will be coming with me – making your own journey to Wanderlust Whistler – here’s a list of what to pack. In case you still have classes to sign up for, I’m also including a rundown of the ones I’m most excited to take. And if you’re interested in meeting up, leave a comment with your email below!

what to pack for wanderlust

What To Pack:
Yoga Pants: FP Movement Wild Heart Pants
Bra Top: Ruffle Crop Cami
Sweater for Cooler Nights: Stripe Hoodie
Sneakers: Santiago Sneaker
Yoga Mat: FP Movement x Jade Yoga Mat
Yoga Wipes: Yoga Towlettes
Tent: Alite x Free People Tent
Backpack: Rosalind Backpack
Hair Gear: Tie Dye Wideband and Elastic Printed Hair Tie
Phone Charger: Portable Phone Charger
Other: Notebook, pen, ID, flashlight, sunscreen, natural bug spray, water bottle, reusable silverware/napkin, camera, and a good book!

what to pack for wanderlust

My Top 5 Classes:
1. Blazing – Embodying The Sun Of Your Energetic Heart with Shiva Rea (Friday @ 8am): Shiva Rea is a legend in the yoga community, and while I’ve taken classes from teachers who have trained under her, I’ve never met the woman herself. She is a big proponent of the “prana flow” yoga style. I’ve found the method to be very moving & intuitive for my own body, and can’t wait to learn more. Check out her TED talk at Burning Man in 2011.
2. Snehena: Affectionately Loving Oneself With Ayurveda by Hemalayaa Behl (Friday @ 4pm): I’m always looking to integrate Ayurveda more into my life. Over the past couple years I’ve come to a firm decision about my personal dosha, and am looking forward to learning more in this workshop.
3. Zipline (various day/times): Whistler is home to the longest zipline in Canada. I don’t know if you’ve seen photos of the views up there, but you can bet I signed up and paid the extra money in order to do this one!
4. What Makes you Come Alive with Sean Aiken (Sunday @ 2pm): In this speakeasy Sean talks about his recent project of working 52 jobs in 52 weeks in order to discover his passion. I’m so eager to hear what he has to say!
5. Beastie Yogi with DJ Drez & MC Yogi (Sunday @ 4pm): These are two of my favorite yoga DJ’s, and I always incorporate their tracks into my yoga mixes. I took a class with MC Yogi last time I went to Wanderlust, and it was one of the most upbeat & fun yoga classes I’ve ever taken. I think this will be the perfect class to close my Wanderlust Whistler experience.

what to pack for wanderlust

Check out my Instagram to follow along on the Wanderlust adventure. Hope to see some of your lovely faces there! :)

Check out Naomi’s blog Numie Abbot.

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9 years ago

SO fun, wishing I could go!


9 years ago

you are going to have the BEST time :) just saw mc yogi in concert last night here in PDX and it was incredible! his new music is sososososo good!

9 years ago

Tell me about those adorable pink yoga pants in the photo!!

9 years ago

Blessed – they are the Foldover Long Legging in Papaya :)

Link to them is here: http://www.freepeople.com/fp-movement-bottoms/foldover-long-leggings/

9 years ago


I am most definitely going to be at Wunderlust Whistler for the entire weekend! I am so very excited and I would love to meet up.
PS your post was very helpful as this is my first trip to the festival, so thank you for that!

give me a shout this weekend :)

Have a beautiful time


9 years ago


I am most definitely going to be at Wunderlust Whistler for the entire weekend! I am crazy excited and I would love to meet up sometime during what I’m sure will be a fantastic 5 days.

PS your post was very helpful as this is my first trip to the festival, so thank you for that!

give me a shout this weekend :)