Ways To Reuse Old Clothes

Whenever I’m sorting through my closet, picking out pieces to donate, there are always a couple that I just can’t seem to get rid of. No, I can’t remember the last time I wore them, and to be honest I have no intention of wearing them at any point in the foreseeable future… but that texture! That print! I won’t let them go. Nope.

Well, clearly those pieces have no business remaining in our closets, but there are lots of ways to reuse them so that we still get to keep ‘em around. Here are some of my favorites for inspiration!

ways to reuse clothes

Give it a trim.

Sometimes all a piece of clothing needs is a shorter length, and suddenly it’s the best thing in your closet. I’m constantly turning maxis into minis. Just take a sharp pair of scissors and create the new hemline of your dreams. Just one word of advice: Start lower than you think is necessary. You can always make it shorter — the other way around, however, is not so feasible.

ways to reuse clothes

Make a book cover.

What better a way to personalize your journal or sketchbook than with a beautiful fabric book cover made from your very own clothing? All you need is a pair of scissors and a stapler or some hot glue.

ways to reuse clothes

Put it in your hair.

One can never have too many hair accessories. Using clothing fabric in your hair is as simple as cutting a small strip and wrapping it around your ponytail. You could also braid it into your hair… make a head scarf with it… and tons more. Get creative!

ways to reuse clothes

Adorn your wall.

I love creating vignettes on my walls. It’s so fun to curate a collection of things like old postcards, feathers, dried flowers, and jewelry and display them together in a way that makes you happy. I love the idea of cutting an old maxi skirt or dress into a square and using it as the background for a vignette. Crochet works perfectly for this!

ways to reuse clothes

Wrap your lunch.

There’s no need to use a brown paper bag every day just to transport your lunch! Instead, cut an old piece of clothing into a big square and lay it flat on the table, inside out. Then, wrap your lunch in it and tie closed with a piece of twine. Voila! Of course, you could just sew the fabric into a lunch bag instead, but this is much easier. ;)

ways to reuse clothes

Make a camera strap.

I’ve always been one for personalizing technology – and a fabric camera strap is a gorgeous way to do just that. Here’s a post we did a while back on a DIY camera strap – I’d just advise to add some stitches in case the hot glue isn’t strong enough to hold your precious camera! And, yes, I painted my camera as well. Why not, right?!

How do you reuse old clothes? Let’s hear it!

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7 years ago

Making old clothes new again is one of my absolutely favorite things to do! Great ideas Brigette :)
You can find some of my projects over here: http://bravefelicity.blogspot.com/2014/02/five-on-friday-wearable-diys.html

7 years ago

wow, such fantastic ideas! I’m certainly going to try the camera strap and book cover ideas! x

7 years ago

A lot of us, I am sure, have TONS of old band tees thrown in a box or bag somewhere in their closet —– now’s your chance to learn how to sew and MAKE A QUILT out of all your band tees! <3

7 years ago

This is genius. My first choice is always to see if I can trade them in at the exchange stores, but this is a great next step before stuff ends up at the local Goodwill.

7 years ago

Nice! Our favourite subject…

7 years ago

This is such a creative and fun post! I love re-creating old precious things new again!! XO


7 years ago

Lovely post. Great idea.
L x

7 years ago

I want a post about wall vignettes!

7 years ago

I have a torn duvet cover that I have been holding onto because I adore the pattern, and this post was just the inspiration that I needed to find a repurpose for the fabric. Thank you for the lovely ideas!

7 years ago

This is so creative! I really like the wall decoration.I can’t wait to try something like that for my room!

6 years ago

This is such a simple and artistic post! I love the adorn your wall picture. Very cute!
-Anne Cohen (Anni)

4 years ago

These are some really good and very creative ideas :) I still keep some really beautiul dresses of my daughter’s, that are out of fashion and too small, but though beautufullyprinted and quality fabrics. I just can’t throw them just like that, but never found what to do with them. I’m surely making such beautiful book and jourmal covers – this seems like a good gift idea. Thank you for the inspiration . Your photos are a pure pleasure to look at :)