Simple Ways To Transform Your Monday Morning

Monday morning. How does it typically play out for you? Do you spring out of bed, ready to start the week? Or do the covers get tugged over your head and the snooze button punched a few more times? As much as I hate to admit it, I fall into the latter category all too often, and that’s something that I want to change. The first day of the week often sets the precedent for how the following days will go. So, I’ve been thinking about Mondays lately, about what makes them so universally deplored, and what I’ve surmised is that a bad start to the week is usually of our own making. Maybe you stayed out too late the night before, didn’t take full advantage of the weekend, or slept through your alarm in the morning. It’s all about changing your habits and changing your perspective.

I’ve decided it’s time to turn things around and start the week — every week — off right.

Start Your Monday Off Right

Make the weekend count: It seems obvious, doesn’t it? While you may still wistfully leave a relaxing or exciting weekend behind you, knowing that you made full use of your free time will allow you to enter the work or school week feeling fulfilled and refreshed. Think about it: How many times have you rolled into Monday distracted by thoughts of what you could or should have done with the previous two days? Make the most of Saturday and Sunday, and you’ll enter the week in a positive mindset knowing you spent the weekend with intention.

Start Your Monday Off Right

Rise early, everyday: This one is tougher than simply having a great weekend, for me at least. As soon as Saturday rolls around, it’s tempting to set your alarm to go off a few hours later, to sleep in as much as possible, but waking up at the same time daily lets your body sink into it’s natural rhythm. Along with allowing you a slower pace as you get ready, rising early and at the same consistent time allows you to fully embrace the start of each day. Make it a habit, along with packing your lunch and planning what you’ll wear the night before, and soon the days of rushing to get ready and out the door on time will be behind you.

Start Your Monday Off Right

Set intentions: Monday morning has so much potential, it’s the start of a brand new week full of possibility. Take some time first thing in the morning to reflect on the past two days and to look ahead at the next five. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish. How do you hope to feel? What changes would you like to make? I like to record my weekly intentions and goals in a journal so I’m able to reflect back on them, but you could also combine this practice with an AM yoga session or meditation.

Start Your Monday Off Right

Reward yourself: Give yourself something positive to anticipate and most likely you’ll have a much easier time leaving the comfort of your bed in the morning. Whether it’s an incredible outfit waiting to be worn, or a nourishing breakfast to enjoy before you leave for the day, a simple reward can motivate you to get up and get moving. You’ll soon look forward to waking up and the positive memory of your reward will stay with you and influence your mood throughout the day.

Start Your Monday Off Right

Get out the door early: Don’t wait until the last minute to leave when you could be more likely to get stuck in traffic or miss your train. Get out the door early and enjoy your commute, you’ll me more relaxed and in a better mood when you arrive at your destination.

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what was the pen you used for the notebook picture? and do you know where I could get one?


nichole – it appears to be a micron with a brush tip. you can get them at any art or office supply store :)

Great ideas! Mornings can be so beautiful and refreshing as opposed to most opinions today.


Love this. Making the most out of your weekend always helps – wander, explore, adventure!

xoxo Sara

Love this post! I’m gonna take your advice and make my weekends count, and also waking up early everyday. :)

xo Mabes


What a delightful post! Also where is that beautiful mug from?


the lovely mug in the photo…where can one get it?

What a great post, thanks for sharing!


Julia, I am in love with the necklace and lace dress shown in the third photo!!! Are these FP items?? Thanks so much in advance!!

I love this post.

– Christina

Good post! I would like to ad go to bed early, makes the get up early thing a whole lot easier^_^