XPoNential Music Festival 2014 Lineup

Tomorrow, my favorite local festival kicks off just over the bridge from Philly, in Camden – the XPoNential Music Festival! If you’re a longtime reader of this blog you’ve heard me rave about this festival, that I’ve attended every year since it started. WXPN is the non-commercial, member-supported radio service of the University of Pennsylvania – and my go-to for music discovery.  I can’t even tell you how many artists I’ve discovered through their airwaves, and they are recognized by listeners and musician alike for just this reason – they are constantly supporting emerging artists and have been the spark that has set many artists aflame in the music industry. Their annual festival attracts an incredible lineup of big names and local acts, and it offers the perfect opportunity to see them in an intimate, relaxed setting.

Listen below to a playlist of bands on the lineup this year – and tell me, will I see any of you local readers there??

xponential music festival

xponential music festival

xponential music festival

xponential music festival

Photos from last year’s XPoNential Music Fest.

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I’ll be there! Although I’m only going to the headlining shows on Saturday and Sunday nights!

Fantastic! Great city to live in (or near). #xpnfest starts tomorrow. WooHAa

I wish that I lived somewhere where they had music festivals, and that I had friends who wanted to go! It sounds like thus is sponsored by college radio? College radio is a great way to discover new bands. Sadly it seems to be getting shut down at many universities. Album 88 has been a great station out of Georgia a State University for decades (playing bands like the B-52’s, The Damned, REM in their early days), and now GSU has given most of their air time to GPB for talk radio. Awful!! I don’t want to hear only music… Read more »

Awesome Lineup! Wish we could be there!
Check out my indie/pop folk bank Motel Talk!!


College radio is definitely a great way to discover new bands. But unfortunately, as mentioned, a lot of colleges are shutting down radio stations, and/or making them a lot more commercial as far as music goes. So sad!

I wish we had music festivals up where i live too. I wouldn’t care if i had friends that didn’t want to go. I’d go alone!