Amsterdam Photo Diary

I was prepared to have an unforgettable time in Amsterdam. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was how hard I’d fall for this gorgeous city.

Every ounce of it is filled with beauty and charm… to call it magical would be an understatement. As we wandered the quaint streets and peaceful canals by bike, foot, and boat, just soaking it all in, I could truly picture this wonderful place being my home. Even as the streets were buzzing with people, there was an overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness that seemed to swallow us whole with each passing moment.

Every meal was more incredible than the last, and the people. Oh my gosh, the people. Quite possibly the most pleasant I’ve ever encountered. They keep to themselves, yet aren’t afraid to look you in the eye and flash a genuine smile or give a friendly hello. If you ask for help, they’ll go out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of.

They have such a confidence and ease about them – in their personalities as well as their style. Fashion-wise, there’s a general sense of casual put-togetherness – as though each person is fully aware of what’s in style, but doesn’t feel the need to go over the top. They dress for both style and comfort, and they look incredible doing it. The people of Amsterdam carry themselves with a grace that I myself could only dream of exuding.

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, go. Please, go.













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These are absolutely stunning photos. It looks so beautiful in Amsterdam.

As a Dutch person who frequently visits Amsterdam it’s easy to forget that it really is quite a beautiful city :) Thank you for the lovely post!

I never thought I would fall in love with Amsterdam so much either. Beautiful pictures!

The photos are gorgeous! Reading this post has made me really, really, really want to go back to Amsterdam! I miss it so much! Like you, I didn’t expect to love the place so much and never want to leave. It’s a wonderful city, so vibrant and when in the heck did people become so nice!? I can’t wait to go back as I am saving up to go again next year. My heart fills with joy whenever I talk about Amsterdam. It really it beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I’m now reliving memories.


I’m moving there next year!!! I can’t wait. It is truly a picturesque city and the people and the fashion! It’s a dream com true.


Gorgeous photos! Definitely inspired me to move Amsterdam to the top of my traveling wish-list…

xoxo Sara


Gosh, I miss Amsterdam. Now living in New York for a year, but damn Amsterdam is so mich better. Really, if you havent been, GO!

Amazing photos!! looks like a beautiful place to just be.

ah love your blog. really nice pictures of this beautiful city!

I’ve been in amsterdam this year, in march. It is such an amazing and lovely city. I’d absolutely live there. I think your photos capture the “magic” of this city in a way I never seen before…
Comgrats!!! Loved the post!!!

gorgeous place, and gorgeous photos! xx

OMG whoever took these photos. Thank you! This is so gorgeous.

It is one of the most underrated cities and I thought it was really beautiful. The way the locals right ride around, getting on with life, with a carefree attitude. It’s amazing!

Simply breath taking, gorgeous roads, cute cars, and of course the bikes! Thank you for sharing your views and trip – loved your photo editing, too!

Warm Regards,

Brigette!!! Girl your pictures are so swoon-worthy and Omg Hummusbyrd… your hair looks flippin’ gorgeous…(coconut oil?) luv ya.


love the mellow touch in your photos (:

These photos show Amsterdam in the most beautiful light, it definitely makes me want to hop over to Europe and pay a visit to Amsterdam again. Lovely


Good to see and to read that you had a great time in Amsterdam! I am really proud on my city and your article makes me more proud! I hope you will visit Amsterdam again!

Wow, what a magical city! Those photos are gorgeous. I want to go there!!!


Since I’m Dutch and living in Amsterdam I got goose bumps by reading your lovely words.

I really, really want to go back to Amsterdam after reading this post and seeing the amazing photos! I love how quaint and full of surprises that city is! Have a look at my Amsterdam post if you get a chance ^_^

I’ve been in Amsterdam for this past new year’s eve.
This city is very different in winter ! I loved it but there were toooo many people ! I would like to come back in summer, sure I will love it as well !
Your photos are amazing !


Kristy Dee

Ohhh.. How I wish you’d open a Free People store in Amsterdam! That we would LOVE your clothes to be sold here is an understatement. It would be absolutely perfect! I hope one day that will happen..

I’m soon moving to the Netherlands and I’m going to Amsterdam for the first time in October! Looking forward to it, basically every single photo of it I have ever seen is gorgeous!

Wandering Polka Dot

Haha why didn’t I see this before?
You should come to Rotterdam as well!!
It’s lovely <3