The August Magalog: A Letter From FP

Admiring summer in her final hours, we miss her already.

We couldn’t think of a more fitting group of women to rein in the season and lure us from our sun-soaked spell. From our cover model, Joan Smalls, to our One-to-Watch, French actress and former model, Rebecca Dayan, they’ve transported us to the land of cashmere, milk, and honey. Cozy sweaters, fall-ready tall boots, and the perfect jacket have reinvigorated our love for this time of year.

Our favorite fall trends take you on a journey from the cozy layering of Soft Focus to the rich jewel tones and intricate embellishments of Modern Marrakesh. Martha Hunt brings a modern western vibe to Lone Rider and extreme beauty Sasha Luss closes the magazine with a fashion-forward take on grunge dressing in Autumn Daze.

We welcome you to our August Catalog, a mixture of exquisite and inspiring imagery, styling ideas, inside information, and above all, the fall fashion we’re most excited to wear, featuring the creative spirits and great beauties we idolize.


Free People

Shop the August magalog.

More from the Magalog.

More from the Magalog.

Shop the August magalog.


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6 years ago

Kimonos, hats, chunky sweaters, long-sleeve Novella Royale dresses… yeah, as much as I love summer, I’m ready for fall!

xoxo Sara

6 years ago

I absolutely love how our catalogue is becoming more and more like a lifestyle magazine and including things such as interviews, fp me posts and has created such a beautiful new layout. :D

6 years ago

Joanie and FP, a match made in heaven. She’s my most favorite girl. So in love, Kudos!