The Benefits Of Eating Fossils

It’s true: I eat fossils every day.

I know you’re thinking, “Brigette. Girl. What are you talking about.” Allow me to introduce you to a little gold mine known as diatomaceous earth.

Essentially, diatomaceous earth is a chalk-like powder made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are tiny plants that come from the sea. And it’s my new favorite way to detox naturally.

benefits of eating fossils

The substance is so fine that it does absolutely no harm to your organs as it moves through your body – as long as it’s food-grade – yet it slices through the exoskeletons of any harmful organisms that may be inhabiting your body, dehydrating and ultimately killing them.

In addition to killing parasites, diatomaceous earth has a strong negative charge, which allows it to attach to these organisms, along with the likes of heavy metals, chemicals, and other bodily toxins, and carry them out of the body.

benefits of eating fossils

Personally, I’ve been taking diatomaceous earth as a supplement to help rid my body of an overgrowth of candida – a type of yeast that can cause tons of health issues if an infestation occurs – but this is an excellent tool for detoxifying even the healthiest of people.

Although scientific studies are limited at this point, there is a ton of testimonial evidence that diatomaceous earth can offer a multitude of health benefits: internal cleansing, increased hair growth, and reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, just to name a few. It actually is almost 90% silica, which is something that’s vital for the human body – yet often hard to come by.

So how do you use diatomaceous earth? Easy! Mix it into whatever you want: a glass of water, a smoothie, some applesauce, a bowl of yogurt… the options are endless.

benefits of eating fossils

It has a slightly chalky consistency, but virtually no taste. Take on an empty stomach, beginning with a teaspoon and work your way up to about one heaping tablespoon per day. Just be absolutely certain what you’re using is food grade (I use this kind!), and be sure to drink plenty of water, as it can be quite dehydrating.

benefits of eating fossils

Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent abrasive agent, so it’s an great ingredient to use in homemade toothpaste, face masks, and body scrubs.

You can sprinkle some in your cat or dog’s food to help with any internal bugs, as well. And guess what? It can also kill bugs externally. If you have a flea or bedbug problem, sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the infested area and let it work its magic.

benefits of eating fossils

Has anyone here used diatomaceous earth before? Share your story!

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  1. I use it on my carpets to keep bugs away. I like to sprinkle it, leave it for a while (the longer the better & overnight if I can get away with it) & then vacuum it up. We leave some in spots where there isn’t much traffic too, like under the couch, behind shelves, etc to keep the bugs away after the treatment.
    I’ve heard of people eating it, however the kind we get comes from the pet store (is still food grade) but it is not as finely ground as what is in your photos.
    Oh! And they use this to keep pests out of your dried goods too, like pastas & rice – I love diatomaceous earth, it is so versatile!

  2. Funny I’ve never heard of this until yesterday and now it’s popping up everywhere! Here’s a tip for dog owners: it works wonders in preventing ticks if you just sprinkle some on their fur, but make sure its food grade!

  3. Interesting! I too am fighting candida! It’s so hard….so I love hearing this and any other tips regarding candida.

  4. DE will kill bugs like mites if you roll around in it. People that own chickens will give them a dusting box full of this stuff for that reason. It’s not harmful to eat the food grade kind, but it will probably just make you pretty constipated. Although, if it absorbs toxins as you claim (which I don’t think it does, I think it just dehydrates – that is why it kills bugs, right?) wouldn’t it cause malnutrition if you ate this stuff regularly because it would also absorb vital nutrients? It’s not like there’s a computer chip in there saying absorb this, don’t absorb that.

    You should be careful about this… and if you have worms or other internal parasites go to the doctor!

  5. My brother was told that it is good to use for ant problems. The DE dehydrates their exoskeleton.

  6. I use diatomaceous earth in the garden all the time. It repels slugs and other pests from your plants. It’s completely safe for people and pets. I also use it on my dog for a flea treatment. I have never tried injesting it. I will have to read a little more about that.

  7. I’ve sprinkled this on carpeting before, to help with a flea infestation. I love that it’s a (highly effective) natural alternative to those chemical bug bombs that most people use for fleas in their home. And totally safe for pets! love it. I never knew it was edible, though.

    <3 dani

  8. I live me some fossils too. I got into it years ago from a Blessed Herbs bowel cleanse and I saw it work its (sometimes startling) magic. That was DE and psyllium husk which is the fiber to push it out, since DE alOne can be constipating. Since then I have used the bottles kind you can find on amazon… For upset stomach and to throw in the bath for a clay detox.

  9. Before everyone runs off to O.S.H. to buy some, it would be wise to consult a medical professionals first… doctors, pretty much across the board, are really not down with folks eating diatomaceous earth as it’s hazardous to your health should it get into your respiratory system.

  10. Silica is what quarts and sand is made of just an FYI. I wouldn’t say its hard to come by…. it’s just not in anything we typically would eat.

  11. I can see why this seems like a product to have faith in but I personally wouldn’t use it longer than your candida problems requires to ease it, Brigette. There are some studies that it can cause kidney stones or even lung cancer if inhaled. Also you said that it’s dehydrating and I get sceptical whenever I hear this phrase as I experienced a pretty bad breakdown after using some pills that are based on natural ingredients (supposed to make you feel fitter and all). I made sure to drink enough at that point but they still made me lose so many electrolytes and natrium that that my body collapsed. It was awful and I continued to feel very weak for a couple of weeks after it. Of course this doesnt happen to everyone but all I’m saying is a product will always guarantee you good things to happen but it’s important to think for yourself and consider the other side of a coin. Regardless best of wishes to you and your health :)

  12. I use it in farming! It gets rid of aphids and other harmful insects, they ingest it and it punctures their lungs

  13. BEWARE. I work in the supplements department at my local food co-op and we have recently chosen not to carry the food-grade DE. It has received a lot of attention as an internal cleanser due to Zoe Kravitz using it to lose weight for an upcoming role where she plays a girl with an eating disorder. Previously it had appeared as an ingredient in a popular brand of internal cleanses. However the product was discontinued because *FAINT OF HEART READ NO FURTHER* reports of people passing large strings of blood filled mucus. There are many other safe, researched alternatives. Please be careful.

  14. This stuff can seriously harm your digestive tract. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH IS A PESTICIDE! It works by cutting apart little insects like fleas. CUTTING THEM APART! This stuff can really hurt you & there are reports of people suffering from intestinal bleeding (as in pooping out blood slime) because they ate this pesticide. Did I also mention this pesticide is made of silica? You know, that ingredient you try so hard to avoid at the beauty counter? PLEASE DO NOT EAT THIS!

  15. For those saying “WARNING DO NOT EAT” because it’s ‘poisonous’ or ‘dangerous’ to us, know this.

    There are only references to it being dangerous when INHALED. NOT ingested. AND inhalation problems only occur with DE that contains Crystalline Silica.

    Amorphous silica, which is what food grade DE is mostly made of, Is not dangerous— even if iToday’s common D.E. formulations are safer to use as they are predominantly made up of amorphous silica and contain little or no crystalline silica.nhaled for many many years.

    Food grade DE contains less than 1% crystalline silica, which is harmful if inhaled. Crystalline silica IS safe for ingestion, however it is unwise as it can be inhaled in the process.

  16. People please do research before writing crazy stuff on here and scaring people. The food grade DE is proven NOT harmful if inhaled. Yes don’t go inhaling it but it’s the non food grade DE that is dangerous if inhaled.
    And stop mixing the non food grade and food grade DE up.
    Both are very different.

  17. I began using diatomaceous earth about 4 weeks ago. I must say that I am a social smoker. Non the less I began taking this for bowel issues and I noticed drastic changes in not only my constipation but my hair has grown an almost 2 inches. I have great energy . My skin is unwrinkling if that’s a word and I am losing weight which is great because I am middle aged and just had a baby 5months. No I didn’t smoke while I was pregnant but I picked up 2months ago and began suffering from edima. Diatomaceous earth has changed alot of things internally and externally and while I don’t encourage smoking this supplement is a very good one to take if that is the lifestyle you choose. I am however encourage to quit now that for some reason I can think clearly. I love DE and will make that a habit for my remaining time on earth.:)

  18. I’ve been taking 2 tbsp of DE every morning with either water or juice for about 8 months. My hair is stronger and shinier. My nails are also stronger and grow much faster. I do not “poop out blood slime”. I do have regular bowel movements. I used to suffer from intense headaches. I have not had a headache since I started supplementing with DE. I also used to have a problem with psoriasis and every change of season I would be a patchy itchy mess. So far two season changes and no massive flare ups. I don’t know if another effect of the DE is mood alteration but I have never felt better with increased energy. I love this stuff.

  19. I started taking this suppliment at the recommended dosage but intermittently. It has provided many improvements upon my health: 1. Insomnia is gone, and by gone I mean I can finally sleep…I feel like I haven’t slept so well in years. 2). Bowel movements increased back to 2 per day (I know, TMI) but there were so many days in my past where it was just 1 or none. 3) My hair is growing and shimmering just like when I was young! If you hair didn’t regularly grow quickly, don’t expect this!!!! DE also has caused my nails to grow. I have always loved the beach, and I firmly believe that sea nutrients can help us humans. My 2¢ is, uf you are aprehensive, just try it for 2 weeks, and if you don’t feel different give it 1 more week and if nothing happens, you only lost $10-$20 and you can keep it in storage for bug repellent in your garden. BUT, if it does work and brings you closer to your natural state, more power to you.

  20. I have been researching this product for the many uses promoted, but focusing on human ingestion for stated benefits. After reading many articles and educating myself, I mentioned it to my primary doctor during a visit when osteoporosis was the topic of discussion. He was explaining my options, some oral supplement that could irritate my stomach and flare up my ulcer versus an IV infusion, which also can have some negative side effects. He mentioned the options would only support the minimization of the ongoing condition, as the studies have not shown that any of the treatment options for osteoporosis have repaired, increased or assisted with the regrowth of bone mass. With pharmaceutical drugs, the physician / drug company, always list the adverse side effects (some can be pretty scary), but then support you taking it because the risk of taking it is not as great a risk of not taking it. That type of option has never been comforting to me. I mentioned DE to my physician as an option for supporting the minimization of the condition, he said he has heard of it, has no concerns with me ingesting it, but has not seen any studies that support its claims. It was comforting to me that he saw no reason that I should not try it. He did say that it contained a high content of valuable minerals. I might add that DE has been used in many of the food products we have been ingesting for years….. see the FDA articles below.

    below is a study by an Ray Sahelian, M.D. *note: calcined diatomaceous earth is for filtration purposes, and is NOT food grade DE.

  21. This shiiie is cray cray. I really recommend you talk to your general practitioner or a food nutritionist about this before taking advice off a homeopathy website. I think medically trained staff will give you a far more informed opinion.

  22. I have only been using DE for a short time. Food grade of course. I am noticing people are talking about doctors veiw on DE… Does anyone ever wonder why we are all sick? By going to the doctor and going on medication we are allowing our bodies to be in contact with chemiscals we shouldn’t … because God didnt put that on our earth to be consumed. The health benifits I have encountered whilst on DE this short time, I’d say two weeks? My psoriasis that I have had on my fingers, which I have had for about a year – been on medication to heal it – and I have noticed it has ALREADY completely cleared up. Dont tell me that DE is bad when it has pretty much healed my psoriasis. Another thing I have noticed is my nails. My nails didnt grow and I used to bite them all the time. Now they are strong and weirdly enough I don’t have the urge to bite them. My skin also is improving, and whilst suffering from “IBS’ I have finally seen my symptoms improving.

  23. I have taken a tablespoon for a week or so in the past. I stopped for awhile because I did feel like it constipated me a bit. The answer to that is probably to cut down the amount and drink much more water, so I’ve started again for the past two days. The number one thing that DE has shown it does for me right away is to give me a huge energy boost and the giggles. Seriously. I cannot figure out what it is doing that causes me to be so uplifted and happy while taking it- the feeling is so big that it almost freaks me out. I am also having my son take a couple of drinks of my water/DE drink because I heard that it may help with asthma/allergies. This time I am going to keep on it for awhile and see if I notice any other reactions.

  24. I have been taking DE for about 3 weeks now, I am almost 50. I have had serious constipation problems due to the hydrocodone I take daily since I have had 2 back fusions. I even ended up in the ER because my constipation was so bad, I was throwing up. I take 1 heaping tablespoon every morning with water or coffee (about 8 ounces of liquid) I am having bowel movements every morning, and my energy has increased like crazy. I did have some cramping one evening, but it wasn’t unbearable. Just enough to annoy me. I take one dose of Miralax in the evening too and it is working like a charm. My hair is growing very fast, but my nails are still nasty. Probably because I had my nails done for years, so my nails are very weak now. I definately recommend this product.

  25. I first learned of DE when flea treatments were not working on my cats. And it worked like a charm.

    Then I learned about how it kills bedbugs – so I dust my mattress & pillows with it before putting the covers on.

    Then I tried it as a facial exfoliant and was pleased with the glow.

    Then I went backpacking and saw I had worms. (We will leave it there) I read up about how to treat – lots of pumpkin seeds, pineapple, and DE. Cleared it up in a few days. Several months later, came back so I started a DE regimen of 1T/day for 10 days, then 10 days off for 3 months.

    In that time frame, I noticed my hair was growing faster, nails stronger. Complexion improved. (I take nutrition really seriously – already monitor biotin, A, etc for hair, skin, nails)

    I don’t see a “regular” physician – but I ran it by a trusted pharmacist who knows more about “non-traditional/natural/holistic treatments”. He said once it appeared the worms had cleared up, that he saw no problems with 2tsp/day – as long as I stayed hydrated (I drink 100oz water/day), had plenty of good fiber, and took breaks occasionally.

    I have been 95% organic, grain, dairy, processed food, refined sugar- free for 3 years. Lots of fermented foods and nutrient dense veggies, fruits, nuts, and grass-fed / pasture raised beef/chicken/eggs. Didn’t think I had anything significant to “detox” from, other than the worms… some people taking it have claimed they had lots of side effects from cleaning things out.

    I just wonder if there is a benefit to taking it at a specific time of day (am vs pm) or multiple doses during the day.

  26. I know it DE works. It acts as a poultice pulling toxins out of your intestine. I find even taking the recommended amount too much where it would have the side effect of dry skin and it would cause wrinkles. Why? Possibly because it acts as a poultice and draws moisture out from the intestine which needs to be hydrated at all times. I drink a lot of water and even drinking aloe wasn’t enough to reduce the dehydrating effects of DE. I have learned less is better for the long term regarding any supplement so now I just take 1/2 a teaspoon a week. But I do use daily as a oral mouth wash and mix it with Epsom salts. It works well to use daily as a mouth. I find using it in the bath once a week is good it can be drying towards the skin even in a bath.

  27. 4 years down the line still no problems for me our the dog, if I could only use 1 supplement out would be DE.

  28. I started taking this a few days ago. Today my stool was red like clay. Can anyone tell me if this has happened to you??

  29. It’s day 4 for me and I’ve only had one bowel movement so far. Should I be worried? I feel great. I’ve had more energy and I find that I’m feeling nice and calm. I also drink lots of water. I should say that I am normally constipated. Usually go to the bathroom once or twice a week. I’m not bloated or feel the urge to go. I did take some psillium but I’m afraid it’s gonna constipate even more. Should I take some miralax to help it along?

  30. First heard of DE two years ago to use as an insecticide to get rid of spiders and bugs in my home/basement. While researching, I did come across people using it on pets and themselves. I passed on using it for that. Recently took interest in it again, and, I’ve been taking it internally for a few days now. Those testimonials about increase in energy are spot on. I cannot believe the energy boost and feeling of well being over my body. I take teaspoon in morning and late afternoon in glass of water.

  31. I just found out about Diatomaceous Earth today, someone brought me a large bag of the food grade kind and says to try it out. I take miralax daily due to constipation. I have taken percocet daily since I broke my back in 6 places 12 years ago., which caused the constipation, but I also had five abdominal surgeriesl. Anyways I have gained 30 pounds in the last two years and have very little energy. I am hoping this may not only bring that zip back to my daily routine, but if what i am reading is correct, hopefully I will lose a little weight to. My question is because I take miralax in the morning with my coffee. Is it okay to take the Diatomaceous Earth at the same time? Or do they need to be taken at different times of day.

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