The Benefits Of Eating Fossils

It’s true: I eat fossils every day.

I know you’re thinking, “Brigette. Girl. What are you talking about.” Allow me to introduce you to a little gold mine known as diatomaceous earth.

Essentially, diatomaceous earth is a chalk-like powder made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are tiny plants that come from the sea. And it’s my new favorite way to detox naturally.

benefits of eating fossils

The substance is so fine that it does absolutely no harm to your organs as it moves through your body – as long as it’s food-grade – yet it slices through the exoskeletons of any harmful organisms that may be inhabiting your body, dehydrating and ultimately killing them.

In addition to killing parasites, diatomaceous earth has a strong negative charge, which allows it to attach to these organisms, along with the likes of heavy metals, chemicals, and other bodily toxins, and carry them out of the body.

benefits of eating fossils

Personally, I’ve been taking diatomaceous earth as a supplement to help rid my body of an overgrowth of candida – a type of yeast that can cause tons of health issues if an infestation occurs – but this is an excellent tool for detoxifying even the healthiest of people.

Although scientific studies are limited at this point, there is a ton of testimonial evidence that diatomaceous earth can offer a multitude of health benefits: internal cleansing, increased hair growth, and reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, just to name a few. It actually is almost 90% silica, which is something that’s vital for the human body – yet often hard to come by.

So how do you use diatomaceous earth? Easy! Mix it into whatever you want: a glass of water, a smoothie, some applesauce, a bowl of yogurt… the options are endless.

benefits of eating fossils

It has a slightly chalky consistency, but virtually no taste. Take on an empty stomach, beginning with a teaspoon and work your way up to about one heaping tablespoon per day. Just be absolutely certain what you’re using is food grade (I use this kind!), and be sure to drink plenty of water, as it can be quite dehydrating.

benefits of eating fossils

Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent abrasive agent, so it’s an great ingredient to use in homemade toothpaste, face masks, and body scrubs.

You can sprinkle some in your cat or dog’s food to help with any internal bugs, as well. And guess what? It can also kill bugs externally. If you have a flea or bedbug problem, sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the infested area and let it work its magic.

benefits of eating fossils

Has anyone here used diatomaceous earth before? Share your story!

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Never heard of this! Sounds…interesting haha


I give it to my chickens, but never knew it was for humans too! Good to know.

I have never heard of this before, but I am intrigued. I’ll definitely be doing more research on this to see if it’s something I’d like to incorporate into my regime. Thanks for sharing.

DW |

Mandie Fae

I use it on my carpets to keep bugs away. I like to sprinkle it, leave it for a while (the longer the better & overnight if I can get away with it) & then vacuum it up. We leave some in spots where there isn’t much traffic too, like under the couch, behind shelves, etc to keep the bugs away after the treatment. I’ve heard of people eating it, however the kind we get comes from the pet store (is still food grade) but it is not as finely ground as what is in your photos. Oh! And they… Read more »


Funny I’ve never heard of this until yesterday and now it’s popping up everywhere! Here’s a tip for dog owners: it works wonders in preventing ticks if you just sprinkle some on their fur, but make sure its food grade!


Interesting! I too am fighting candida! It’s so hard….so I love hearing this and any other tips regarding candida.


buying this NOW. I wanna eat fossils too! <3

Very interesting! I like that it can be used in so many different ways without affecting taste. I’d like to do some more research on this – but even just the home uses are enough to make me consider trying it!

Warm Regards,


DE will kill bugs like mites if you roll around in it. People that own chickens will give them a dusting box full of this stuff for that reason. It’s not harmful to eat the food grade kind, but it will probably just make you pretty constipated. Although, if it absorbs toxins as you claim (which I don’t think it does, I think it just dehydrates – that is why it kills bugs, right?) wouldn’t it cause malnutrition if you ate this stuff regularly because it would also absorb vital nutrients? It’s not like there’s a computer chip in there… Read more »


I’ve been using DE for a few years :) It’s also very good for decalcifying the Pineal Gland.

so excited to try this i just ordered it! I believe I also have candida & would love to try out a new natural solution.


My brother was told that it is good to use for ant problems. The DE dehydrates their exoskeleton.

I’ve never heard of this. Sounds very interesting, I’ll have to try. Thanks for the tip!

the little lion girl

Yogurt is the best cure for candida. Never heard of this though.


I would definetly do some research on this…. I’m a bit skeptical.

I use diatomaceous earth in the garden all the time. It repels slugs and other pests from your plants. It’s completely safe for people and pets. I also use it on my dog for a flea treatment. I have never tried injesting it. I will have to read a little more about that.

I have never heard of diatomaceous earth! I will definitely have to pick some up soon! Thank you for sharing.


I’ve sprinkled this on carpeting before, to help with a flea infestation. I love that it’s a (highly effective) natural alternative to those chemical bug bombs that most people use for fleas in their home. And totally safe for pets! love it. I never knew it was edible, though.

<3 dani


I live me some fossils too. I got into it years ago from a Blessed Herbs bowel cleanse and I saw it work its (sometimes startling) magic. That was DE and psyllium husk which is the fiber to push it out, since DE alOne can be constipating. Since then I have used the bottles kind you can find on amazon… For upset stomach and to throw in the bath for a clay detox.


Before everyone runs off to O.S.H. to buy some, it would be wise to consult a medical professionals first… doctors, pretty much across the board, are really not down with folks eating diatomaceous earth as it’s hazardous to your health should it get into your respiratory system.

Yep — that is pretty much exactly what I was thinking when I saw this title at first! Really fascinating though — I think you mentioned this in an earlier post and I’m glad you were able to elaborate on it. I’m definitely going to test it out!


Silica is what quarts and sand is made of just an FYI. I wouldn’t say its hard to come by…. it’s just not in anything we typically would eat.


I can see why this seems like a product to have faith in but I personally wouldn’t use it longer than your candida problems requires to ease it, Brigette. There are some studies that it can cause kidney stones or even lung cancer if inhaled. Also you said that it’s dehydrating and I get sceptical whenever I hear this phrase as I experienced a pretty bad breakdown after using some pills that are based on natural ingredients (supposed to make you feel fitter and all). I made sure to drink enough at that point but they still made me lose… Read more »


I use it in farming! It gets rid of aphids and other harmful insects, they ingest it and it punctures their lungs


BEWARE. I work in the supplements department at my local food co-op and we have recently chosen not to carry the food-grade DE. It has received a lot of attention as an internal cleanser due to Zoe Kravitz using it to lose weight for an upcoming role where she plays a girl with an eating disorder. Previously it had appeared as an ingredient in a popular brand of internal cleanses. However the product was discontinued because *FAINT OF HEART READ NO FURTHER* reports of people passing large strings of blood filled mucus. There are many other safe, researched alternatives. Please… Read more »