Decor Inspiration: Decorating With Air Plants

Lately I’ve been incorporating more and more plants into my decor at home.There’s something about bringing green life into a space that automatically brightens it up. It’s a fast way to make it feel fresh, and I’ve noticed that it actually helps me to feel happier. I have a few terrariums placed on my windowsills, and I just bought a cactus from a plant stand at one of my favorite flea markets a few weekends ago.

But my newest obsession? Air plants. After our FP Me shoot in Chicago, the store team surprised us with a little gift bag, and one of the things inside was an air plant. I fell in love with it, and since then, I’ve purchased a few more to add to my collection.

air plants

Air plants are also known as Tillandsia. Rather than soil, this type of plant obtains water and nutrients from the air. Each one has it’s own unique shape, and range from dark to light green. Some can be quite large, while others are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I think I’ve become so fascinated by them because such a simple little thing can add so much character to room, and there’s so many ways that you can display them!


The convenient thing about air plants is their ability to attach their roots to just about anything. Once the root is attached, this is how they grow. Finding some driftwood with a good notch in it is the perfect place to display an air plant.


I like to add in a few stones and shells around it, and create a little capsule that reminds me of the shore.

air plant in basket

You can also buy little wire baskets to display them in. We have an awesome plant store here in Philly called City Planter where I purchased this one. All you need is a little tiny nail and a good wall to display it on. I like the way the green looks against a white wall–it gives a fresh and minimal touch to something that might have been bare before, and they are so easy to hang!


You could also create a cool plant installation by buying a few more air plants to add to the wall.

hanging from lights

Hanging air plants from string is another fun way to display them, and an easy way to create a plant mobile. I’ll wrap the root with some twine, then tie that to a hanging light fixture

plants hanging

You can do this with almost anything, anywhere you want to create a hanging display.

plants in crystal

Another use for a crystal!

holding air plant

You can make the cutest little air plant pots with air dry clay.

air plant

Lastly, you can incorporate air plants into hand made wall hangings too. All you need is some driftwood and string to create the one you see above!

Do you have any other ways you like to incorporate air plants into your life?

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9 years ago

I have so many air plants growing in just about all of these different ways!

9 years ago

I love air plants, they’re so adorable and they’re definitely add that perfect pop of green to your home! They’re so low maintenance too – I’m definitely going to incorporate air plants into your last DIY – the driftwood crystal dreamcatcher!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Are these safe for pets?

9 years ago

Ah these look so cool! I’ve been looking for them ever since you originally posted about them but I can’t find them at any nurseries :( do you have any recommendations on where to look for these mystical plan creations?

9 years ago

That little plant pot is adorable! Going to have to try this out.

♡ TotallyRoisín | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog ♡

9 years ago

I used to have air plants, now I’m inspired to bring them back into my home! I got inspired by the driftwood idea and can’t wait to make something! xx

9 years ago

So cute! I bought one two weeks ago and I was still searching the best way to display it. I wonder though, how to their roots grow in a pot like the clay one you show? They can’t attach to anything? or will they just spread in it? Mine is in a glass and it doesn’t seem to grow any roots…

9 years ago

I love that hanging wood + air plant combo! My husband and I own Air Plant Design Studio and we love seeing new ways to decorate with them. Free People is personally one of my favorite brands and I was pretty excited to see your take on them – awesome! To answer Clara’s question above, air plants don’t need to grow roots. The “roots” that you sometimes see on them are not used to take in nutrients but rather for when the plant is in the wild and wants to attach itself to something (like a tree). Sometimes we’ll remove them from our plants for a cleaner look but if you have one without, they won’t likely grow back. We have an informative section on air plant care on our site if you need any additional information! :)

9 years ago

I loved reading this post. In fact, in inspired me to get some green in my own home! Thanks for the ideas, and if you want, you can check out the blog post on how I chose to use them here:

9 years ago

Love the post on air plants……we may have to incorporate some of these designs into our rotation!
Thanks so much and if you all like air plants check us out