The Soft And Sexy Side Of Decorating

All too often, the most gorgeous items in our wardrobes are hidden from view. Tucked away into drawers, stashed into protective silk satchels, layered beneath tees and shirts and jackets. I’m talking, of course, of our intimates. Lacy, delicate, and composed of the softest shades, these pieces are made to be shown off, but why wait around for the right moment to do so?

Hung from a window, displayed on a bed frame, or arranged neatly atop a dresser, your most cherished pieces take on a whole new life – functional form transforms into sculptural beauty.

Intimates Decor

Pictured: Falling Flowers SlipTulum Statement Collar.

Intimates Decor

Intimates Decor

Draped on vintage wooden hangers, ethereal white slips allow the sun to filter through, coloring the room in whatever hue they happen to be.

Pictured: Star Slip.

Intimates Decor

Lace and pattern is too lovely to hide away. Try displaying a trio of bras on top of your dresser with flowers to match.

Pictured: Beat Still My Heart Bra, Lace Triangle Bra, Lace Crop Bra.

Intimates Decor

Dress forms are wonderful for outfit planning, or just showing off a favorite robe and necklace. Display it until you’re ready to drape it around your own shoulders.

Pictured: Flower Bomb Robe, Tulum Statement Collar.

Intimates Decor

Intimates Decor 8

In place of a painting, display a flowing slip or nightie on the wall. Hung on an antique hanger with a few necklaces, the view will inspire you to add beauty into your everyday outfits.

Pictured: Meadow Flower Printed Slip, Gone All Gauzy Gown, Double Layer Rosary.

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7 years ago

what a wonderful idea… id like to own each and every flowy piece in this…

7 years ago

I love the idea of decorating with such lovely fairy tale like clothes! So Exquisitely Beautiful! I think it would be a good idea for me to display the more feminine outfits that I have, since it would inspire me to wear them more often since I’m sort of a jeans & t shirt tomboy who loves the feminine touches.

The Weaver Of Words….weaving fibers & fables….

………..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale………………………………

7 years ago

I love the look of lace and satin in natural sunlight – my mom would always freak out when I left clothing out, but some of it is too pretty to put away. I would love to use dress forms in my decor. So beautiful.

Warm Regards,

7 years ago


7 years ago

I love lace and the first slip is absolutely beautiful! – Swedish model and blogger in Tokyo

7 years ago

Love love love this idea and these photographs! I am ON it! Weekends are for home improvement anyway =)

Byron Wallace
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! What do you think about foam dress form ?

3 years ago

Well, I am sexy dress lover. Your collection is very nice. I must make this type of dress in this crismas. Thank you…

Nicole Driscoll