Fall Jewelry Trends

We bring in new accessory styles each season, and I’m always excited to see what the next trends will be. It’s pretty incredible to see how different the pieces become year after year. It seems like the minds behind jewelry design are expanding, and they keep coming up with new ways to adorn the body.  This fall, we have a few key trends on our minds:

stacking rings

Stacking Rings

First up are stacking rings. We have a few different sets available for sale, and I love that they come with a variety of rings in different shapes and sizes. A bit simpler in design, stacking rings are meant to be layered and stacked on all 5 fingers, in whatever order or way you like. Since they are more delicate than some of our other statement rings, you can get away with piling a lot on!

stacking rings

hand piece and jewels

Get the look: Stacking Ring Trio, Mix N Match Midi Ring Set



Handpieces are a new trend that still blows my mind. The detailing on some of the pieces are so intricate and perfect that I always find myself in awe of how someone actually came up with such a design. These can definitely add that extra little bohemian touch to any outfit.


Get the look: Scale’s Handpiece, Snake Charmer HandpieceMix N Match Midi Ring Set

palm cuffs

Another type of handpiece we are loving is the palm cuff! When I say that I’m always amazed at the new ways people are finding to adorn the body, this is a prime example. I never knew wearing something across the palm of your hand could look so cool, while still being functional! I’m really digging the engraved moon phases on the Luna Pass Palm Cuff.

Get the look: Luna Pass Palm Cuff, Feather Palm Bracelet



I love chokers, and I am so excited that they are going to stick around for fall. There’s something about wearing a piece close to the neck that immediately gives you that cool-girl look. A bit rocker, and a little bit grunge, we can’t get enough of this style.


choker necklaces

Marie Metal Choker, Free Bird NecklaceGwen Leather Choker, Hi Lo Collar Pendant

dots and choker

Get the look: Gwen Leather Choker, Exploded Plaid Buttondown

Which trend are you excited about for fall?

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Hypnotica Vintage

The moon phase palm cuff is sick!

Well I guess I won’t be jewelry queen this fall because i don’t like any of these :( Stacking rings, handpieces and chokers can look really amazing but definitely not on me. So i think i will keep on wearing my cute necklaces and earings but i think that jewelry which you have told about will rock this fall :)

Ooh, I’m crazy about those hand pieces! And the nail color, actually – I’m so glad we still have good ole oxblood to rely on.

Handmade boho jewelry: http://www.newevejewelry.etsy.com


I’m obsessed with hand chains and stacking rings! I especially love to have one or two big turquoise statement rings and accenting them with little delicate stacked midi rings. Another amazing type of jewelry that blows my mind: ARM CUFFS. Yes. The embellished ones that wrap around multiple times and have metal fringe hanging off it are to die for.

xoxo Sara


I’ve been obsessing over chokers lately. I’m glad those are back in style. I’ve never heard/seen the hand piece before so that’s something new for me to look into more. Love the ones you’ve displayed above. And stackable rings area always in style to me, no matter what the season is.


I totally need some hand pieces and palm cuffs, they look amazing.
Love this post, I find it very inspirational.
The nail polish is the cherry on top! May I ask what color it is and where it’s from?

xx Cheyenne

Ah I love stacking rings! Always have a few rings on my fingers ~ boho chic!


Wow – such a great inspiration! <3


I would love for you to check out my handmade, wandering goddess jewelry! I am big into the hand chains and crystal necklaces! :) Oh how it is my dream to be featured on this blog..<3

etsy- http://www.etsy.com/shop/FoundWanderer
Instagram- @kaceyroyer

i wish i had more rings to stack!

– christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

I love those stacking rings, so pretty!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes


Love this post! Excited to refresh my accessory rotation for the fall!


I love stacked rings!

Sophia | sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

I love that chokers are coming back, but I feel as though they only look good with certain outfits. I prefer stacked rings and handpieces because they can be styled into more outfits (in my personal wardrobe). I can’t get over that neat Snake Charmer Handpiece.

DW | http://www.daundra.com


What Nail Polish Color is this? It is so Vibrant?

I love hand pieces, the ones in this post are gorgeous!

The stacking rings and the hand pieces have got to be my favourites, they’re gorgeous!

♡ TotallyRoisín | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog ♡

Love the hand pieces. I’ve never seen them before and they look so cool! Chokers are awesome for the fall too.


Authentic Silver Sterling Jewellery

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I loveeee this nail polish color! I wonder where I can find it


Please can you let us know what the nail polish is?

Very very nice post.I am very glad to read this post.All the jewelry are looking very beautiful.the bracelet,finger ring is looking so awesome.I want this.Thanks a lot for sharing this.

really lovely post.I like it so much.The bracelet is looking so beautiful.I also like the nail polish color.Whatever i think it is a awesome post.Thanks a lot for this.

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awsome! so middle-eastern-ish!