FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Roma

Much like her FP Me profile name would imply, this week’s featured stylist, Roma, is an intriguing lady.

At first glance, her style draws you in – an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and layers – and an air of west coast cool that comes with the territory of being based in San Francisco.  She also happens to be a stylist and art director, so putting together a great outfit is something that comes naturally to her.  While in San Francisco over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet Roma and snap some photos of her around her Outer Sunset home – read on to get to know more about this rad lady!

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fp me stylist

Get the look: Slouchy Cowl Pullover, High Rise Cord Skinny, Broken Stripe Kimono, Chain Band Felt Hat, Southern Cross Ankle Boot.

fp me stylist

Where are you from? How did where you grew up shape the person that you are today?

I grew up in Marin County. We moved around A LOT though, from sketchy apartments to suburban houses to cottages in the woods to gypsy houseboats – we even lived in the top floor of a hair salon once. I’ve lived in almost every town of Marin in completely different circumstances. When I was a kid I was always frustrated because I’d have to pick up and move away from friends, but now that I’m an adult I really appreciate the fact that my mom moved us around. I met so many different kinds of people and learned about so many different ways of life. I was quite the young anthropologist and I think it’s really helped me to always keep an open mind, or at the very least a good couch surfing/traveling companion.

fp me stylist

fp me stylist

How would you describe your personal style?

It really depends on what day of the week it is and what type of mood I’m in! I go through phases of wanting to be very feminine and buying all things lace and floral and on other days I’m feeling more androgynous and am more interested in sleek lines and rich color palettes. I’d borrow my brother’s clothes and then add velvet and tulle – I feel like my personal style usually expresses who I want to be or how I want to feel for the day and I can be excited that tomorrow I can play a completely new role. Sometimes I’ll feel like counteracting social situations too – I’ll wear patterned pajamas (cute ones though, I swear) to a wedding and a fur coat and gown to the grocery store.

fp me stylist

What is a day in the life of Roma like?

Every day is soooo different. I’m hustling like five different jobs right now so I expect every day to be nothing like the day before. On a Monday I’ll be doing production work at home (probably in my bed), Tuesday and Wednesday I’m a wardrobe stylist sourcing clothes and managing them on location, Thursday I’m a makeup artist whether it be in the boutique or on set, and by Friday I’m probably in meetings talking about art direction. As chaotic as it may sound I love that every day is a new experience ranging in new challenges – it never gets dull and it keeps me on my feet. I’ll go through periods in between projects where I have a lot of time off though too and that’s when I take the time to play with the mini Aussie pups, get creative on personal projects, and explore new places. The only thing that is constant every day is brunch, because brunch is very important.

fp me stylist

Get the look: Circle of Flowers Slip, Felt Hiker Cowboy.

How did you get involved with FP Me?

I have been a Free People fanatic for as long as I can remember! A very good friend of mine recommended the FP Me app and it was love at first download. I always try to source Free People clothes for shoots I’m working on and then I end up keeping a lot of the pieces I fall in love with and wear them out til their last thread. FP Me has been a great tool for me to not only express and share my own favorites, but has also been a source of inspiration to see how other users are styling their garments and to get a realistic sense of how these pieces fit on different body types. I mean as much as I love gazing at beautiful models, I’m short and I’ve got a butt – I’d like to have a general idea of how something will fit a figure like mine before I buy it.

fp me stylist

Get the look: Ruffled Hem Buttondown, Felt Hiker Cowboy, Hi Rise Menswear Legging.

Where do you find inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from my brother. We run a small creative agency together called OAK&ROMA that spawned from when I was living with him in the Marin Headlands. He would wake me up at insane hours holding a pile of face paint and yarn and with a freakish grin on his face be like “Let’s wrap ourselves in this and take photos.” It would be like 4am, freezing cold, I’m wrapped in yarn and my face feels sticky with face paint, and I’m running around chasing raccoons and turkeys in the woods half asleep while my brother is shouting at me to pose better – all for the sake of fashion and art. Our house was like the cave scene in Aladdin ( RIP Robin Williams :/ ). We hoarded the most random things in bulk for art projects, and just let ourselves marinate in it until we came up with something. We enable each other to act like crazy people, because the theory is that maybe we are so next level insane that we actually know something the average person doesn’t. Or at least we won’t look crazy by ourselves because there’s two of us wearing colorful patterned onesies and animal bone jewelry we gathered/hand made – we’re in this together.

fp me stylist

Get the look: Shark Hem Cardigan, Bowie Sunglasses, Double Banded Embossed Fedora.

What are your top 3 most-played albums at the moment?

Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston, and Whitney Houston. I feel like that’s all I listen to right now. I mean, even if you turned them into metal songs she would still speak to the soul, you know? I’m listening to mostly 90’s r&b jams right now. I like to wear a kimono and twirl around to Mariah Carey late at night. Is that lame? I also just picked up an album from my friends’ band Jesus Son’s when they played here this weekend – I think you guys did an FP Me love story on Chance and his girl. I’m always so hungover when they come to town.

fp me stylist

Get the look: Voile and Lace Slip

fp me stylist

What do you love most about living in San Francisco?

I really love that San Francisco is so small and yet so diverse. It’s a city, but everyone still has a small town vibe to them. You can literally walk wherever you need to go, and each neighborhood has it’s own pocket of a subculture. It’s easy to get Peter Pan syndrome here and never want to grow up, but on the other hand it’s the land of start ups and that doesn’t just apply to tech anymore. There are so many small businesses here that are blossoming and communities that really value an artist’s craft. We have the support here to be really passionate about different trades and build a successful business out of doing what we love.

SF is also really close to nature and small towns, which is great for when I’m feeling claustrophobic in city life. I can take a day trip to get some fresh air and still be back in time for dinner. The style here is also very laid back and eclectic – anything goes. There are amazing local designers and awesome vintage, especially in the East Bay too.

fp me stylist

Get the look: Voile and Lace Slip

What has been your favorite memory from this summer so far?

I had the pleasure of working on a lot of amazing projects this summer with some of my most talented friends. Summer for me is all about going to the river, to beaches, road trips along the coast, fried foods at County Fairs, tan lines, and a lot of ice cream – all of which is ten times better when you’re being productive while doing so. A good friend of mine at Alite gave me and my roommate Free People tents at the beginning of summer, so we pitched them on our roof and installed a mini bar. Best. Idea. Ever.

fp me stylist

Get the look: High Rise Cord Skinny, Wrapped Leather Band Hat, Printed Deep V Boyfriend Shirt.

What are 5 free people must haves on your fall wishlist?

Omg my favorite season. I’m so excited for layers!!!

1. Kimono Style Capes and Jackets – I fell in love with the black and white kimono I wore for this shoot. It goes with everythinggg and in SF a lightweight but warm layering piece like this is a must have.

2. Loose fitting babydoll or flare dresses – Holiday season is coming, just saying. I’m so excited to slip out of this bikini and into a food baby, but I’m going to be the cutest most comfortable chubby person ever in my floral babydoll dress.

3. Boots! – The shoe collection on FP right now makes me die a little bit inside. I want them all. With Fall comes so many weather changes and I need sturdy boots that are still fashionable. I’m all about the over the knee boots you guys have right now, because they’ll not only keep my legs warm but I’m always worried about getting poison oak or tics when I’m in the woods so this is perfect protection all around.

4. Mini Floral Vintage Set travel straightener and dryer – My hair gets out of control during this season but it’s always a perk to style it using really adorable hair tools. It’s great that it’s travel size so I can carry it with me. I’m also really into the Printed Pom Pom beanie right now, because it’s a little too windy to wear my hats and I know the beanie will stay on and keep my head warm.

5. FP Pet Project – Can’t forget about the little ones! I have two miniature Australian shepherds to take care of and now that it’s getting colder around here I’m definitely investing in some super cute sweaters for them. Also the tipi’s and dog mats on the FP website are killing me – these spoiled pups are going to be living in luxury!

fp me stylist

What does being ‘Free’ mean to you? 

Being “free” to me means having a general sense of curiosity and allowing yourself to pursue it. I think it has a lot to do with embracing your experiences and having a sense of humor no matter what happens. If you’re inspired by something or really passionate about a feeling, being free is letting yourself explore that and opening the doors to possibility.

fp-me-featured-stylist (16)

Thank you so much for letting us in, Roma!

Follow Roma on Instagram and FP Me, and also check out Oak & Roma.

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7 years ago

Oh goodness I absolutely adore this! She has lovely style and a lovely personality.


Hypnotica Vintage
7 years ago

Velvet + black and natural patterned layers + long hair + floppy hats? yes. Looking good, madam!

7 years ago

So yeah, I’m definitely going to have to make a trip to Marin just to take some photos by that abandoned boat! So amazing.

xoxo Sara

7 years ago

Yay Roma!!

7 years ago

I am loving all these styles!!

~ Lu

7 years ago
7 years ago

Great interview – and I love the gorgeous photos. That pink home exterior is so pretty.

Warm regards,

7 years ago

I love this and her!


7 years ago

Which color is she wearing in the Circle of Flowers Slip? She looks amazing in that dress.

7 years ago

Beautiful photos and what a great glimpse into the world of the lovely Roma!

7 years ago

Does anyone know how she is making the blue smoke in the 8th photo??