FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Sarahloven

Some people are born to live a creative life.

Nothing else satisfies them unless they are creating…for themselves or for others. Our featured FP Me stylist this week knows a thing or two about that.

Whether she’s photographing, styling, traveling or blogging, Sarah Loven likes to keep her world filled with inspiration and adventure. This girl first caught our attention as we were browsing the pages of FP Me – her long mermaid locks are hard to miss, and her dreamy backdrops add to the visual appeal of her profile. She recently took part in our FP Me x FP shoe contest, and we thought it would be fun to catch back up with Sarah and get to know a little bit more about this creative bohemian soul.

sarah close up

Above: Diamonds in the Sky Dress

sarah in cave

Get the look: Southern Cross Ankle Boot, Maracana Silk Skirt, We The Free Slasher Graphic Tee

Where are you from? How did this shape the person that you are today?

Although now I live south of Cleveland, I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, in a neighborhood that was newly developed in a cornfield. This may not sound like anything special, but it completely shaped me into a wild child. All the families were the first “settlers” there, so we all knew each other. The backyards were all connected and there were no privacy fences. I spent all my summer days running barefoot through the yards with my friends, exploring and making forts in the cornfields and stealing mulberries and cherries from the farmer’s trees. I really only remember those sweet summer days. Of course you don’t appreciate how full of wonder your life is until later on and you’re grown up and the wonder seems harder to find. I hold onto my youthful spirit tightly, because I think it’s important to see the world with a child’s enthusiasm.

strappy bra and necklace

Get the look: Strappy Back Bra, Pearl Cluster Crystal

What first sparked your interest in fashion and photography?

My dad is an artist, so art has always been encouraged. I was actually a ballet dancer all my life, training under various amazing teachers who also trained me to be a determined person in general. In ballet you don’t give up until you master each movement, so this carried over into my other passions. I had to give up dancing because it didn’t allow me enough time to chase my other dreams. And when I did, photography was the passion that swept me up. I have always played with my dad’s cameras growing up, so I was familiar with shooting and directing people. I used to force my neighborhood friends to pose for me and do ridiculous things for pictures. I guess I’m still like this…. haha!

flowers and sweater

Get the look: Little Dot Mini Dress

What encouraged you to start a blog? What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I started my blog, Ready Gypset Go, in November 2013, after realizing I was getting a lot of clothing in for styling my photo shoots with models. I realized I could give it a shot, since I loved styling shoots so much. One thing led to another, and the blog really took off. Faster than I expected! It’s a crazy roller coaster ride and I love it. My favorite part about blogging is having a connection with people. Not only am I discovering who I am and what I want to be, but I am reaching out to people – readers and brands alike. All I want to do is inspire people.

dress and braid

Get the look: 100 Degree Dress

What can new visitors to your blog expect to see and gain?

To any lovely new or old readers, there will be lots of new growth for the blog! I have some exciting announcements coming up, along with adventures and photos galore! I hope to inspire my readers to seek after a healthy and happy lifestyle that fits who they are, not who people try to tell them to be.

car and gypsy

Get the look: We The Free Marquee Concert Tank, Border Print Bell Bottoms

What have you learned about yourself since starting a blog?

I’ve learned about what I want in life, how I want to connect with people, and how to truly be myself. I’ve also learned that anything you can dream of, you can achieve through hard work, dedication, and being creative. The things you want may come in unexpected packages. And you should cling to your passions because they are your calling.

walk away into light

Get the look: Victoria Buttonfront Maxi

You spend a lot of your time behind the camera, too. What do you love most about photography? If you could set up the perfect scene to shoot, what would it be?

That’s a tough question! People always ask me and I’m still trying to come up with answers. I’d have to say, first, I love bringing people together. Especially for a creative project. I love to allow for each person, from model to makeup artist, set designer and videographer, to be in their creative element and work together to make something beautiful. Second, I’m really quite obsessed with capturing all my memories. When we (my husband and I) travel, I usually talk more about the things I forgot to photograph. I just want to take every place and every moment with me when I go.

The perfect scene that I have dreamed about shooting is… well I have a bunch! If it’s not shooting a cinematic scene in some epic landscape of Ireland, then it’s probably shooting something simple. Like a model in a white dress, lounging in a field of tall grass with butterflies and golden light. This is my typical go-to style. I love to work with nature and light.

sarah in bed

Get the look: Daphne Daze Slip, Speckled Slouch Tall Sock

To anyone who desires to start a blog of their own, what piece of advice would you give them?

Work hard, get creative, and be you! If you want it enough, be willing to really go for it.


Get the look: Southern Cross Ankle Boot

You have some amazing pictures on your FP ME profile. How would you describe your personal style?

Thank you! I definitely lean towards bohemian, with some eclectic, western, or beach vibes.

sarah and dyed hair

Get the look: Diamonds in the Sky Dress

How do you normally spend your days?

Editing, shooting, adventures, more editing, dreaming and scheming! ;)

sarah fp me

Get the look: Daphne Daze Slip, Speckled Slouch Tall Sock

What are three things that you can’t live without?

Honestly, I’d have to say my camera, computer, and phone. Can I add my husband in there? Haha!

sarah by lake

Get the look: French Courtship Slip

You have some pretty amazing locks. Do you have a routine to keep your hair so long and healthy looking?

I very rarely cut my hair. I use coconut oil on my hair and in my diet, and argon oil is a must.

sarah shoes

Get the look: Southern Cross Ankle BootMaracana Silk Skirt

What inspires you the most to keep living such a creative lifestyle?

I eat, sleep, and breathe creativity and still can’t get enough! I think it’s the people who don’t believe that people like me can make it, who drive me the most to try my hardest.

running through the field

Get the look: Tattered Up Shred Slip

What does being ‘free’ mean to you?

For me, being free means letting go of expectations – from others and yourself, and just doing what your heart tells you.

sarah in flower field

Get the look: 100 Degree Dress

sarah final image

Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog, and follower her on FP Me and Instagram!

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9 years ago

She’s one of my favorite bloggers! Her photos and videos are always breathtaking. I’m so glad I got to know her a little better through this interview – this just makes me love her and her blog even more!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Love her style and her hair!!!

9 years ago

Talk about beauty! Stunning styling and photography- making the world a more gorgeous place. xo

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

so beautiful pictures. They make you wanna dream the whole day


Hypnotica Vintage
9 years ago

So happy to see other creative women working hard and achieving their goals
yay for never cutting your hair!

9 years ago

She’s such a wonderful person oh my.


9 years ago

Magical realism!!

7 years ago

Hey what is the color/name of the tattered up shred slip you are wearing in that picture? I absolutely love it and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!!