Dare To Defy Convention: Show Your Straps

We’ve been told for so long that allowing our bra straps to show is faux pas, to be avoided at all costs. But why hide something that can be so beautiful? For many years I fought to keep my straps under wraps. Constantly tucking, adjusting, and hiding the plain, ugly straps of bras that didn’t feel at all lovely. In various shades of “nude” (whatever that means), those solid, elastic straps always found a way to show themselves. But this new crop of strappy, delicately detailed intimates is different. Featuring ladder-like racebacks, lace in a rainbow of gorgeous hues, and unexpected details, they’re bras that you don’t want to hide. They’re just begging you to defy convention and show them off.

Layered beneath low-slung sweaters, dip-backed dresses, and gauzy tees, a unique bra provides a glimpse of texture, a pop of color, an added dose of interest, it can be a beautiful addition to your overall look, no tucking or adjusting required.

Strap Styling 2

I love how the single strap of this bra runs straight up your back. Paired with a dip-back dress, it provides a minimalist, yet striking detail to an otherwise simple look.

Get the look: Truly Madly Deeply Halter, Long Sleeve Swing Dress.

Strap Styling 3

A sheer white top is the perfect way to let a unique bra shine through. The front straps of this burgundy piece peek out from beneath a gauzy top, while a statement collar necklace accents the low neckline.

Get the look: Front Strap Triangle Bra, FP One Tie That Binds Blouse, Palladium Statement Collar.

Strap Styling 5

Switch things up and wear your sweater backwards to show off strappy detailing. Here, a textured sweater in periwinkle contrasts against an architectural racerback.

Get the look: Cage Racerback Bra, Shaggy Knit Pullover.

Strap Styling 4

With autumn on the horizon, now is the perfect time to cozy up with a sheer sweater and shorts. The Galloon Lace Racerback provides a pop of romantic lace at your collarbone and peeks through the soft knit.

Get the look: Galloon Lace Raceback, Boxy Stripe Pullover, Dolphin Hem Cut Off, Waning Circles Pendant.

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Nice! But not really that different from Marlies Dekkers and SAPPH.

i have never liked when people showed their bra straps until all the new pretty stylish bralettes came out. I rounded up some of my faves (almost all of them being Free People). Click the link to see-http://www.inallofhersplendor.com/2014/06/11/just-the-best-tank-ever-bralette-to-go-with-it/

I’m with you. I used to have an ongoing battle with bras that seemed to be my destiny. Then I bough two pretty Galloon and Lace Halter bras. My life has forever been changed. Not only is it comfortable, it’s gorgeous to show off the lacey colors.



So adore this trend, I love the really complex ones but they look hard to put on hahaha I feel like I’d get tangled



So excited to experiment with strappy bra detailing and chunky sweaters this fall! Definitely something I tried to hide last year, but with bras as beautiful as these.. why not?

xoxo Sara

Love the different ways to show off the cute straps.


Too bad every bralette that I’ve found are for smaller breasted women. Ladies with big boobies like to be stylish too!