Lessons From The Yogis At Wanderlust

I’ve let you all in on what lessons I took away from Wanderlust, but along with me there were hundreds of other yogis experiencing and learning. To expand the ever-lasting pool of knowledge, I thought I’d ask some of my companions to share their learnings from the festival as well. It’s amazing the amount of positivity and love that the entire experience generates. Hopefully, just hopefully, we can keep this going, and share something that will change your lives too.

Name: Kassandra (lead image)

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Lesson: There are so many remarkable things I am taking away from Wanderlust this year, but something I had not expected was the sheer sense of community that filled my heart to the brim. Never before had I realized how powerful a group of people could be. The strength and love that comes from being surrounded by others is astonishing. The more people we connect with, the larger our community grows and the stronger we all become. Be light, be love. Say hello to your fellow human. :)

yogis at wanderlust

Name: Karoline

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Instagram: @divinitybonesyoga

Lesson: Yoga is a moving prayer. A devotion to self and others.

yogis at wanderlust

Name: Chelsea (far left)

Hometown: Denver, CO

Instagram: @bellacd32

Lesson: I have learned how to open my own heart to not only love the light that shines from my soul, but to also allow the dark messy parts to be seen and love them equally without judgement. They are both what makes us all beautiful.

Name: Corey (middle)

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Lesson: Integrity isn’t a bestowed gift, but a constant practice that tests the strength, stamina, and flexibility of our resolve and authenticity.

yogis at wanderlust

Name: Nicole

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Instagram: @n1kole

Lesson: I’ve discovered how to reconnect to my own energy – ultimately reconnecting me to creative oneness. Love.

yogis at wanderlust

Name: Scott

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Lesson: I’ve learned that sometimes the secret to strength is softness.

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  1. i love this naomi :) super inspiring. makes me want to give yoga another shot. let’s go next week!

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