Love What You Do: Harold & Mod

Meet Milo Beloved, owner of the sweet Birmingham vintage store Harold & Mod. While we were in town for our River Rose and FP Me shoots, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to sit down with Milo and hear about the inspiration behind his business and how he turned his fantasy into reality. There is such beauty in taking an old, loved item and making it new and useful again – the piece may change, appearance-wise, but the sentiment and story will always be buried deep within the fabric.

Visit the shop online!

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  1. This is great – He is a great business owner, too!! Is also decorated the BEST salon in Birmingham – Wheelhouse. Great job, FP!!

  2. I live in Birmingham and Harold and Mod is my favorite store! My sister actually owns one of the dresses in the video. And Milo is such a great person!

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