Monday Quote: Don’t Stumble

“Don’t Stumble Over Something Behind You.”

It’s hard to fully move on from certain things. Little pieces of us might be left behind, wondering and thinking about them. When we move on, or when we’re in the process of doing so, it’s because we desire change or something new. Getting rid of something that has been burdening us is the best way to start over, but sometimes it lingers around.

I personally find myself dwelling on things that have happened in the past in search for an alternate ending or answer, but what is the point in that? It’s easy for me to put my problems aside and quickly get over them, but the part that haunts me is that my mind always goes to a place of “what if?” If you’re past it, and you’re happy, stay there.

There’s no need to waste energy and feelings on problems that are already behind you. If it’s fixed, let it be fixed.

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  1. I’m always the person who’s thinking ‘what if I had done this instead of that’ and I am trying to get over this type of thinking and just move on forward with life.
    So I think this quote is the perfect quote – just look on forward and as you said it yourself the past is the past.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. such a wonderful quote….so true too…thank you for the reminder not to let “what has happened in the past” limit future possibilities…the more i can release the past, the higher i can soar toward my dreams…

    The Weaver Of Words….weaving fibers & fables….

    ………..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale………………………………

  3. This is such a great saying to focus on for the week ahead. I agree that “There’s no need to waste energy and feelings on problems that are already behind you. If it’s fixed, let it be fixed.” I think this also applies to things that you have no control over.

    DW |

  4. I have to say that this quote really resonates with me, especially in light of some recent life events. My fiancé and I recently moved. The move went well, but we ended up having a bit of a disagreement with the neighbors where they accused us of doing something something that we didn’t. This really, really bothered me and although things are better, it has made it a lot tougher to develop a relationship with our neighbors. Luckily my fiancé really took the initiative to help move us past this event.

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