The Soul Of Your Soles, A Shoe For Each Girl

Along cobblestone streets, time-worn dirt paths, uncharted forest trails — for every step of our journey through life, our shoes are with us, protecting our soles and helping  to express our inner identities.

Shoes are often what I notice first about a person – when I divulge this, the reactions I receive from those around me vary from agreement to feigned shock. “But, isn’t that a little superficial?” a good friend once exclaimed when I admitted this truth, but I disagreed, arguing that what an individual chooses to put on their feet, how they choose to transport themselves through life, well, it tells a story: Of where they’ve been and — sometimes — where they hope to go.

With the launch of our newly expanded shoe collection, now there are even more ways to show off who you are as you carry yourself through your days. Whether you identify with Lou, Candy, Ginger, or Meadow (or maybe even a combination?), there’s a sole out there to perfectly express your soul.

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Bohemian beauty Meadow would absolutely choose the Chance Platform to travel with her wherever she roams. Free spirited and always on the lookout for inspiration, two aspects of Meadow’s personality that could also apply to these versatile clogs.

Get the look: Oversized Classic Buttondown, High Rise Zip Flare, Chance Platform, Matador Hat, 3 Strap X Chest Bra, Tibetan Fiesta Hamsa Necklace.

Shoe for Each Girl Ginger 3

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Always one to stand out in the crowd, night owl Ginger needs a heel that can dance ’till dawn and then dance some more. The Breton Heeled Boot radiates self-assured, sexy confidence, from it’s alluring open buckled back, right down to the softly rounded toe.

Get the look: Barbados DressBreton Heeled Boot, Marie Metal Choker, Waterfalls Necklace.

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Effortlessly cool, tomboy Lou is the kind of girl who can just get up and go, just like the Left Bank Ankle Boot. Throw on these braided leather boots with cut offs and a tee or overalls and a classic leather jacket.

Get the look: Surplice Overalls, Tabby Cat Mock Neck, Muuba On The Green Motorcycle Jacket, Left Bank Ankle Boot, Curved Iron Hairpiece, Braided Leather Choker.

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Shoe For Each Girl

Ethereal Candy seeks beauty in all she encounters, so it’s only natural she’d want that same beauty reflected in her wardrobe. The softly distressed leather of the Mono Platform Clog contrasts perfectly against Candy’s lace and crochet-centric closet.

Get the look: Lou Lou Babydoll Dress, Mono Platform Clog, Hammock Thigh High, Etched Plate Bracelet, Stone Cluster Square Ring

So tell us, which girl are you? What shoes do you choose to carry you through life? Sound off in the comments!

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that last look! <3

The ankle boot and last pair of clogs are my favorites. It’s funny how spot on you guys can be, since I am most definitely a mixture of Lou and Candy, depending on what mood I am in for the day.

I will happily steal each and every pair!



I’ve always paid special attention to shoes, too. It says a lot about the person in some cases. These shoes are beautiful! I love cut outs in a shoe.

Warm Regards,


Love the shoes and with the socks… adorable!!!

As a shoe addict…this post made my heart swoon!
href=””>Aesthetics in Wonder

Love Love Love the last three photos with the white skirt and the shoes! To me they are perfect match and I would love to wear them!


Hypnotica Vintage

All of these are so cute… but I know the one I would actually wear is the Left Bank ankle boot. Totally awesome.


Meadow’s and Candy’s are my favorites, but what happened to Sandy? She was my favorite of the bunch, and it seems that she disappeared. So now, I guess my favorite is Meadow.


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