Weekend DO: Send A Package

How wonderful it is to open a package assembled just for you by someone who means the world to you – even more so when that package is a surprise. Perhaps the best, though, is being the one who sends it.

Picking out items left and right until you curate the perfect mix for that special person. Wrapping every piece in the prettiest of paper, tying them tightly with natural string, placing them thoughtfully in a box, and shipping it all off as a wave of childlike giddy excitement fills you up.

This weekend, send a package to someone you care about. Send it for no reason at all – no reason other than that you’re thinking of him or her. Make that person’s entire day. Week. Month. A box filled with love is one of the most beautiful gifts to give. After all, it’s not really about the physical items within the box. It’s about the thought behind and the love put into each one.

send a package

send a package

Spend your morning picking out the perfect group of items – big or small. Give something you own, something you made, something you found, something you bought. Things that remind you of that recipient in one way or another. You don’t have to go crazy trying to find deep connections between each item and the person – just pick out whatever comes to mind; whatever feels right.

send a package

send a package

Find the sweetest boxes, pouches, tissue paper, and string you can get your hands on, and package each item separately; each in its own special way. Try to find colors and textures that work well together. Natural textures and earth tones are always my personal go-to. If the recipient is a lavender-lover, fill a sachet with dried lavender sprigs, and he or she will be greeted with the most beautiful scent upon opening the box.

send a package

send a package

Every package needs a handwritten note – something to tell the recipient why you’re doing this for them. It doesn’t have to be long. A simple “just because” will do.

send a package

No package is truly complete without a hand-decorated box, don’t you think? Whip out a big black marker and cover that package with whatever designs flow freely from your hands. This extra little detailing makes the whole experience just that much more special – for the recipient and for you.

This weekend, send a package to someone you care about. It might just become your new weekend ritual.

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  1. aw I love this! I wanna do this for my mom, but instead of mailing it I’ll just leave it by her front door one morning for her to find. Thank you so much Brigette for sharing all the beautiful things that you make!

  2. I absolutely love this idea. I’m definitely going to send my boyfriend a package like this – I’m moving to San Francisco while he’s staying at home for a bit and I know he’ll love seeing all the little objects I collect while I’m there!

    xoxo Sara

  3. Such a wonderfully creative idea!!! So fabulously photographed, as you guys always do!!! I think that personalized gifts, are always the most meaningful! I also think they are the most fun to give too! Thank you for sharing !!!

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