The Beauty Of Sashiko Stitching

Buttons, threads, embroidery… beyond an intentional hole or some light distressing, there are so many beautiful ways to make your clothes truly your own.

Autumn is such a gorgeous time for fashion. The cool weather invites us to express ourselves through layers, colors, and best of all, texture. Go ahead, mix silk with velvet, linen with wool – this is the perfect time to experiment and have fun with the clothes on your back and in your closet. That’s what autumn is all about.

Today I’m sharing a simple, yet age-old method for repairing and adding texture to clothing: the sashiko stitch. Translated to “little stabs” in Japanese, this basic stitch (essentially a running stitch, also used in quilting) is easy to learn but surprisingly elegant in its simplicity. With just some embroidery thread, a little patience (ok, maybe a lot), and a few simple stitches, you can add pattern, line, and texture to your wardrobe.

Clothing Texture


Embroidery thread


Embroidery needle


Tailor’s chalk (or white chalk)

Clothing Texture

Before you begin sewing, mark off the pattern that you intend to follow with the white chalk. This allows you to plan out multiple patterns and will ensure that your stitches stay straight. Because this stitching is delicate, it’s best to do this on a garment that you don’t mind hand washing.

Clothing Texture

Select the first color that you plan to work with, tie a knot in the end of the thread, and begin stitching. The sashiko stitch is a basic running stitch, also used in quilting – use this stitch to follow the patterns drawn with the chalk.

Clothing Texture

Repeat with the other colors of thread until you’ve completed your design.

Clothing Texture

Once you become comfortable with a running stitch, you can begin experimenting with other embroidery patterns and techniques. The sashiko stitch is a beautiful way to repair and revitalize torn or shredded clothing!

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  1. I love hand embroidery projects. Textiles and clothes change completely when you add those little special touches – dyeing, beading, embroidering, painting, etc etc. I actually have an old tshirt with a pocket that I think I’ll do a little embroidery on today!

    <3 dani

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  3. Embroidery is such a meditating craft, I once made a wall tapestry with little thoughts embroidered on it. It was long and slow and repetitive and made me feel calm.

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