Adventure On The Road: Toaster Life

Adventure begins when you’re faced with something new. Maybe there’s a plan… but sometimes the best adventures have no plan.

For Toni and Dan the adventure started with one Airstream, a gap of time, and two people with a desire to see the world around them. By day, Toni is a writer, photographer, and FP stylist at our Natick store. Dan is a filmmaker, traveler, and also a skilled photographer. Together, the two felt it was the right time in their life to go on a journey, and they haven’t looked back since. Along for the ride is their pup Willow and a few cameras to document everything. Oh, and of course Toaster…their 30′ Classic Airstream.

Starting at the northern tip of east coast America, they’re making their way south and hitting all the right stops along the way. They’ve created a blog, Toaster Life, to keep track of all the important details. I’ve been keeping up with their journey, and it’s one that continues to inspire me. Get to know more about Toni and Dan below and how Toaster Life all began!

toaster life

Tell us about yourselves…where are you from and how did you two meet?

We are both from suburbs of Boston. We met at the Brimfield Antique Fair in Western Mass, but due to our mutual friends and common interests, a relationship quickly bloomed. Our first date included an intense Battleship tournament, which Toni won, and a trip to the movies to see Django Unchained.

toni and dan

What inspired you guys to travel across the country?

From short weekend getaways, to week long road trips, we’ve been traveling together since the beginning. When both of our lives presented unique circumstances, we jumped on the opportunity to live out a dream. For Toni, short travels between her busy schedule just weren’t enough. She needed to get out into the world, struggle with being independent from her close-knit family, work on her photography, write poems in the middle of nowhere, and find herself. For Dan, his photography career started spontaneously while on the road traveling with a band for a couple years across the U.S. and abroad. While touring let him explore new areas, it was just a taste and he ultimately wanted more choice in where to spend his time. While Dan has been to five continents, he felt a calling to see his own country and its diverse landscape.

on the road

air stream

What were you both doing before you started your adventure?

Toni was finishing up her first year of college and working four jobs. Photographer, two waitressing jobs, Free Peeps stylist. Dan previously owned a busy photography studio, but was and still is recovering from a motorcycle injury, which resulted in a very broken back. The decision to travel at this point in both of our lives quickly came to light.

toni on rocks

dan taking pics

What’s the story behind the Airstream camper? Is it vintage?

We looked for the perfect Airstream for months. We swooned over the vintage ones, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t the right time to start that project. We needed something reliable that would withstand at least a year of full time travel, and wouldn’t leave us stranded in the middle of the desert. We ended up with a beautiful 2006 30’ Airstream Classic…we call her the Toaster. Although she’s not vintage, we’ve added our own vintage elements which make her feel like home. One day we’ll snag a smaller one from the 60’s and rebuild it from the bottom up.


airstream decor

boho airstream

I see that you’ve started in Canada and are heading southbound. Are you covering the east coast or going west as well? And how many destinations do you plan to visit this year?

We’re doing it all! The west coast is calling us but we have no set plan. We know we’re spending Halloween in Nashville, but that’s about it. Being a nomad is tight.

toaster map


What do you hope to gain from the entire experience?

Friends, adventures, and a better look at ourselves.

dan toaster

hanging out at campground

toaster book


What has been your favorite experience/location so far?

Leaving New England has been our favorite experience thus far. We’ve both been itching to get out for a while. I think we would both agree that our favorite spot has been Cooperstown, New York. We were alone in a campground surrounded by cornfields… the coyotes kept us on our toes.


tractor and toni


Since most of your life at the moment is on the road, any good soundtrack choices to keep you motivated during those long drives?

When we’re just cruising, it’s usually Edward Sharpe, Tom Petty, Kendrick Lamar, Sublime or something mildly upbeat that keeps us entertained. For long stretches, we rely on 90s Crap Pop, R&B, and anything by Queen. If it makes us sing at the top of our lungs…it’s working.

toni and willow

 What inspires you most about each other?

Toni’s the wonderfully carefree, almost annoyingly positive one of the bunch. Dan is more of a realist, who focuses on plans and keeps things organized. We’re constantly inspired by each others traits and typically uphold a balance between the two. Dan finds inspiration in Toni’s creativity, while Toni is constantly admiring Dan’s determination in everything he does.

dan and toni

 If Willow (the dog) could talk, what do you think she would say about the trip so far?

Wait..where’s home again?

There are so many horses everywhere!

What’s that smell?

I’m hungry!

Let’s go run in a field!

No more eye surgeries, right?



You must have taken a big leap of faith when you began, how would you respond to those who don’t support your journey?

We’re yet to come across anyone who isn’t overly supportive and intrigued about our adventure. Some people think we’re a little wacky for living in a 175 sq. ft. space, but they always have our back. Naturally, parents worry, but we’ve been easing their minds with frequent calls and updates. Post cards and blog posts help.

pretty land

cat and toaster

campfire hangout

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who aspires to just pick up and go, what would it be??

Don’t put it off. Travel. Explore. Don’t wait until you’re retired to find yourself and see what this world has to offer.



happpy camper

Thank you both for letting us in on your journey!

Follow along the Toaster Life adventure.

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9 years ago

This is so inspiring! I love seeing all the wonderful photos of the decor! Can’t wait to check out their blog!

I live out of a trailer as well, so it’s always nice to read about others in a similar situation! I absolutely love trailer life – home is where you park it! :)

9 years ago

This is so inspiring – definitely envious of their drive to go. A very brave decision! I live in Western MA so it was fun to hear about how the Brimfield Fair brought them together – there are definitely gems to find there! Her styling is gorgeous and I love the photography in this piece – especially that photo of Willow! So much love.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Ahhhhhhhh! Toni I’m so proud of you for making this happen and I’m so excited you are living out your dreams. It’s the coolest thing to wake up and see your beautiful adventure on the blog I read almost everyday. Love you long time lady, keep on shining! xoxoxoxoxo

9 years ago

AHHHHH this is incredible. I am so inspired! Such a beautiful post, an incredible story. Wow!

9 years ago

Wow this is amazing! You are truly two restless nomads. Definitely giving me the itch to go on a road trip – my next stop is hopefully Joshua Tree, CA and Brazil during the winter but you guys are on another level… Definitely a goal of mine to live this kind of lifestyle!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Such an Adorable Couple, such an Amazing Road Trip!!!! I’m really longing to take off on the road too!!! Thank you for giving a glimpse of this free spirited adventure!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago

beautiful people leading beautiful lives!

9 years ago

Please tell me what kind of dog that is?! Looks just like my pup, but I rescued him and his breed is unknown!

9 years ago

It’s a Wheaton Terrier. Maybe your dog is the same breed or just have different breeds! ;)

9 years ago

This is exactly what I’ll be doing soon! :D

9 years ago

Toni, you are an inspiration for all girls who doubt their abilities. To me you represent strength, determination and most importantly believing in yourself. You stand your ground and go for it. You and Dan have a road ahead of you, but it is going to be a beautiful road. Stay safe…… I love you my lil scooby doo…..

Vanessa Lamb
9 years ago

Me and my partner are aspiring to do the same in our 83′ Westfalia :) I love hearing stories of people taking this chance and embarking on adventure.
Safe Travels!

9 years ago

So inspiring ! You two are such beautiful people !
And your dog is just perfect !