Two Alternative Towel Hanger Ideas

I’ve always felt that every home necessity brings an opportunity to get creative and come up with something aesthetically appealing – and unique. You can infuse the essence of you into every item you place inside your home.

Today, let’s talk towel hangers. I have two ideas that are really simple – and each  allows a ton of freedom to create a piece that fits your own personal aesthetic. The first is a towel ring; the second, a towel rack. Use them in your bathroom, your kitchen… maybe even in your living room as a way to store blankets!

DIY Jute Towel Ring

diy towel rack ideas


Metal ring (any size you like)

Jute or string

Small, sturdy piece of fabric

1-3 nails (try to get pretty ones!)


1. First, completely wrap the metal ring with jute or string of your choice. Knot to secure.

diy towel rack ideas

2. Fold your fabric in half, and insert the ring into the center.

3. Attach to the wall using nails. Then hang your towel!

diy towel rack ideas

diy towel rack ideas

DIY Tree Branch Towel Rack

diy towel rack ideas


Natural tree branch

2 café rod brackets

Screws or nails (depending on brackets)


1. Secure the brackets into your wall of choice, keeping the branch length in mind as you decide on the placement.

2. Insert the branch into the brackets. I used a branch that had wood-burned designs done by one of my friends – I love how it makes the branch just that much more unique.

diy towel rack ideas

3. Add any other embellishments you desire – I hung two small traditional Indian bells, as well as some preserved eucalyptus.

diy towel rack ideas

4. Hang your towel(s), and voila!

diy towel rack ideas

Have any more ideas? Let us know!

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Love these ideas! I do have a request for fall home decor ? Please ❤️

Oh, I am so happy for this. You gave me a great idea and a way to keep blankets from overtaking my living room! xoxoxo

These are so pretty! I’d love the branch to use as an open closet in my room, too.

Warm Regards,


brigette, you make everything seem more magical! i love your dyi’s and i have to admit your posts are always my favorite. lovely ideas!!!

I particularly love handmade pieces in a room. I’ve been looking for wood-burning projects recently, too. Did you get those rod brackets at Terrain? The detail on them adds a nice touch.

These are so cute! I really love cute personalized DIY’s like this.
I might have to try something like this for my dorm room.. thanks for the tips!

These are so creative! I love the branch idea.

It looks so cute!

They’re both so simple and super cute! xoxo

Thank’s for posting! Loving these ideas, I’m planning on moving out in about a year and am keeping DIY ideas like this one, that way I can add some charm for cheap! My broke, college self can’t thank you enough!

What a creative idea! And its so beautiful. My bathroom could use something whimsical like this.

the little lion girl

Okay not only are the hangers cute, but your towels are too. Lovely post.

Those are so pretty! I think I’ll make one! ^^

Love these ideas <3 Thanks for sharing these and great post <3

Love this idea !
Both of them are really cute !