Beauty Rituals: 4 Ways To Detox Your Body

Our bodies themselves are perhaps the most incredible detoxification systems that exist. I see a holistic doctor, and he recently told me that, as long as our bodies are functioning properly, we could “eat a bowl full of parasites and be totally fine.” And it’s true.

The thing is, though, when we overload our own bodies with toxins – through things like unclean, processed foods; chemical-laden beauty products; alcohol; and especially negative thoughts – our systems don’t function as efficiently as they truly should. To help get ourselves back on track, it’s about eating clean, avoiding chemicals, getting enough sleep, moving our bodies, and avoiding negativity. But, since I know you already know all of that, here are four more things you can do to help move those toxins through your body so that they can be removed for good.

ways to detox


In addition to helping detoxify the mind, yoga is a beautiful practice for cleansing the body. The pushing, pulling, stretching movements of every part of your body – in combination with deep, rhythmic yogic breathing – cleanses the body by helping along the removal process of waste products throughout. One of the very best yoga poses for detoxification? Downward dog.

ways to detox


This is an ayurvedic massage performed by vigorously stroking the skin in upward motions toward the heart, using a special oil blend that corresponds to your primary dosha. According to my ayurvedic practitioner, Abhyanga “moves obstruction in the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which enhances the health of the skin, organs, and endocrine system.” Daily Abhyanga, usually performed on one’s own self, is one of the main practices in Ayurveda. If you aren’t familiar with it, though, I would suggest your first experience to be a treatment performed by a well-versed ayurvedic practitioner. It’s incredible, and you will not regret it. (You can read about my first experience with it here!)

ways to detox

Oil pulling

If you’re not yet aware, oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice performed by swishing a high quality oil (such as organic unrefined coconut oil) in the mouth for about 20 minutes, aiming to pull toxins from the body. Studies show that oil pulling has incredible benefits for oral health – like whitening teeth and preventing disease – but many believe that this practice can help remove toxins from the entire body, bringing overall health to a maximum. Just make sure you’re up to date with your dental visits before beginning. I recently spoke with a holistic dentist who explained to me that the presence of plaque will prevent the oil from penetrating the gums, greatly taking away from the effectiveness of the practice. (Read more about oil pulling!)

ways to detox

Dry brushing

This practice is similar to Abhyanga in that it stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping to speed up the removal of metabolic waste from the body. It also offers a ton of other benefits, from unclogging the pores and exfoliating the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and possibly even improving digestion. All you need is a good body brush with natural bristles. Before you bathe, brush your dry skin in large, upward stroking motions, always going towards the heart – this encourages lymph flow in the proper direction. Once you’ve finished, take your shower, and emerge with smooth skin and a soothed mind. (Read more about dry brushing!)

What other ways to you help your body to detoxify itself? Please share!

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7 years ago

Yes yes yes, a detox with changing seasons is always needed

7 years ago

Detoxing is wonderful – and these are great suggestions, however, using products like nail polish (in your first photograph) are adding those toxins back into your body. Nails are extremely porous, and the chemicals in nail polish permeates this membrane! Consider avoiding nail polish and loving the beauty of your natural nail color!!

7 years ago

I feel so good about my yoga practice after reading this! It’s so good to be aware of the negativity we cling to and to be mindful enough to let it go. I’d never heard of dry brushing before but will surely research more. I haven’t tried oil pulling yet – but knowing about the plaque will be a great incentive to be a daily flosser!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

I recently started keeping a daily reflection of gratitude. I love sitting down and taking time to pause and say thank you for all the wonderful things in my life that we sometimes take for granted. Little things that make such a difference. I was inspired when I read a quote that said, “what if you only had in your life the things you said thanks for yesterday?” Puts things into perspective. A good cup of tea during this quiet time makes for a perfect little “me-time” activity.

7 years ago

great post. thanks for sharing.

7 years ago

Took on this detox challenge today, and it was really what I needed. Giving your body a break and a time to breathe is SO important. Thanks, Free People!

7 years ago

awesome, thank you!

7 years ago

Thank you for sharing all. Nice pics and very good info.

7 years ago

Thank you for beautiful pics and information

7 years ago

Love this type of post!

7 years ago

Perfect little rituals to adopt.


7 years ago

Ancient Indian practices, all of ’em. Our Vedas are a treasure trove.

7 years ago

I love the idea of detoxing especially thorugh excercise.
One thing about the the massage. I’m not familiar with this type. And it will definitly move circulation and help with any sort of circularoty issues but lymphatic drainage can only be accomplished with very very very light strokes towards the heart. Any massage that is deeper then extremely light touch will actually compress the tiny delicate lymph vessels- obstructing and preventing lymph from moving anywhere. Proven science!

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7 years ago

Detoxes literally go against basic biology people! And stop saying chemical as a short hand for all that is evil. All your natural stuff is still full of chemicals. Everything is a chemical! Such a pet peeve of mine!

7 years ago

Chloe – I totally understand where you’re coming from there because obviously everything is made of chemicals, but I’m pretty sure in this context they’re meaning ‘harmful chemicals’. And there certainly are a lot of them, that you really wouldn’t want to put into your body.

Also, I’m really curious to know how detoxes go against basic biology – I’d like to hear the reasoning behind that (I’m not too knowledgeable on biology. Haha). Detoxes seem like a pretty good idea to me – what’s not to like about removing toxins from your body?

7 years ago

I think the problem with this is equivocation. The physiology of normally functioning kidneys, skin, lungs, and livers is such that they are excellent at detoxifying substances in your body, which may be there due to substances absorbed, inhaled, ingested, etc., or due to basic metabolic processes whereby certain products of metabolism can actually go through fairly toxic combinations before they are harmlessly excreted in sweat, urine, breath, or feces. A toxin, strictly speaking, is a poison created within the cells of a living creature that is toxic, e.g. snake venom. A toxicant, is a usually what people mean by “toxins” within the body, like artificial chemicals present in cosmetics, or crappy foods, and whatnot. Your body shouldn’t have toxins in it, since we are not toxic creatures, and while it may have its fair share of exposure to many toxicants, that is the point of your kidneys, and liver, and lungs, etc. Your liver is a rockstar of detoxification, that happens normally and each moment of every day. What I think people start to equivocate is the idea of lessening the burden on your liver and kidneys, particularly, by eating well, drinking enough fluids, getting enough sleep, and getting exercise to assist your body in its natural functioning. Anything beyond that is a fancy way to spend your money. Hope that was helpful.

6 years ago

Hi friends! This is an old post, but I just want to mention that A.) oil pulling is awesome along with these other detox ideas, but just a thought-they are suggesting that pulling longer than about 10 minutes actually can just make you start re absorbing all the toxins you just worked to pull out. When what’s in your mouth starts turning grey, it’s time to spit it out. :) so there you go! Get pulling!

6 years ago

I’m gonna start today with Oil pulling :D

Eifiki Robertson
6 years ago

For me the most important thing is flossing as it is and every night. No one would say how amazing imporing your health is. Becasue no one one would want the confess that he or shee doesnt pay so much attention to their health and body. Which is really sad. So I would use the KO Ltd and change the way I live.

4 years ago

Detox body article is vary good. Your 4 ways is vary nice. This is 1st yoga vary important for health and beauty. I think it is awesome information for bodybeauty.