How To Care For Cashmere

Cashmere. The name alone brings to mind feather-light luxury.Autumn is the season to break out cashmere’s incredible texture and pair it with everything from jeans to dresses, but, as with most delicate knits and fabrics that luxury comes with some very specific care instructions: Dry clean only. How many times have you fallen head over heels for a piece, only to be discouraged by this ominous care tag? In truth, I pay a visit to the dry cleaner maybe twice a year. It’s not my most virtuous trait. But who has the time, really?

As a lover of cashmere, the good news is that you can actually hand wash the stuff, and even better? Hand washing just makes it softer. Can cashmere get any softer? Apparently yes, it can. Check out our tips for caring for this gorgeous knit below:

Caring for Cashmere

How to clean cashmere:

Hand washing cashmere is a surprisingly simple task. All you need is a tub of lukewarm water (not hot, as hot water will shrink the garment), some natural baby shampoo or mild detergent, and a clean towel. Dilute the shampoo or detergent in the water and submerge the cashmere for a few minutes. You can swish it around a bit, but don’t wring or twist. Once it’s been properly soaped up, rinse the piece in clean water, remove from the tub, and press between a towel to remove excess water — don’t wring it! Keep in mind that the garment may take a few days to dry, you can speed up the process by tossing it in a salad spinner and spinning it to remove extra water. Lay flat on a clean towel to dry.

Caring for CashmereCaring for Cashmere

How to store cashmere

Hanging a cashmere sweater will surely spell the end for the garment. Clothes hangers can leave permanent imprints on the shoulders of cashmere tops, and the weight of the garment can tug the piece down, making it misshapen and ruining the stitching. To store this delicate fabric, fold the piece into thirds lengthwise, keeping the arms straight and smooth, then fold it in half. For long-term storage, tuck a piece of tissue between any major folds to prevent creasing.

Caring for Cashmere

Caring for Cashmere

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