Fall Home Décor: Unique Details

Summer has come and gone, and left us with the warmth of its sweet memories as we welcome fall with open arms.

Each season brings with it an entirely new vibe. New smells, new feelings, new intentions. The start of a season is a beautiful time to make changes – whether in your routines, your relationships, your homes, or within your own selves. Here are some little things I’m doing to welcome the fall into my home. For me, it’s all about unique details.

Incense holder

Painted incense holder

I found this incredible large antique wooden incense holder at a thrift store, and snatched it up right away. I painted some little white designs around the perimeter to add to its beauty, and I’m in love with the way it came out. I have incense burning in my home throughout the year, but the fall is when I start to take it up a notch. I love watching the way the smoke swirls through the air on a cozy fall night as I lay snuggled up in my bed listening to some calming tunes.

Layered rugs

Layered rugs

I love to layer up rugs and blankets on the floor to create a mix of colors and patterns all my own. Then I grab a pillow and sit on the floor while I make crafts or edit photos or whatever else I find myself doing. Actually, I just realized I’m sitting on a blanket on the floor right this very moment.

Window ledge

Blankets as curtains

Another thing I like to do with blankets is use them as curtains. During the spring and summer, I usually adorn my windows with really lightweight fabrics like lace or crochet. Come fall, I like to mix it up with something heavier, like a traditional Mexican blanket. The thick material brings an instant feeling of coziness to the room – plus, it helps keep the cold out, too.

Flameless fire pit

Flameless fire pit

A few years back, we did an adorable DIY on how to make a flameless fire pit. This year, I’m bringing it back into my home, but making it a little more natural. Instead of making lace cast branches, I’m going straight to the outdoors and using natural wood as it is. I’m also painting some designs on a few of the rocks to give it a personal touch. Simple, natural, and cozy – I love it.

How are you guys decorating your homes this fall? For more inspiration check out this post.

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9 years ago
9 years ago

That little fire is sooo clever!


9 years ago

I always love hanging festive tiny white lights and playing jazz in my apartment. I find it to be very relaxing and uplifting at the same time, like a lazy Saturday afternoon spent hanging around with a few close friends…

The Weaver of Words……give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale…..

9 years ago

So inspired with the ideas! Love working with textile. Plus I think, that the smell of fallen leaves add some new vibes to the atmosphere at home., so I often collect them in the park and keep in my room instead of flowers. :)

9 years ago

So inspired with the ideas! Love working with textile. Plus I think, that the smell of fallen leaves add some new vibes to the atmosphere at home., so I often collect them in the park and keep in my room instead of flowers. :)

9 years ago

Love these ideas! Definitely going to try layering rugs – looks so good and it’s such a great bohemian touch. I especially adore the idea as lace for curtains in the summer and mexican blankets or something heavier during the fall!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

I really like changing the way my bedroom looks every season. I’m thinking on doing a post about fall decoration as well and these ideas are very inspiring

xx Cecil

9 years ago

So darn cute Brigette! Always love your posts! xo

9 years ago

I love love love the layered rugs! The flameless fire pit is so awesome, too. I love the light that christmas lights emit. Super dreamy!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

brigette is just perfection!

9 years ago

I’d love to decorate my home with fairy lights!


9 years ago

My gosh. Inspired inspired inspired. Please excuse me while I go and construct my very own flameless fire pit.


9 years ago

Omg I love all this ideas !
You, Brigette, are such inspiring !


9 years ago

hello everyone.i am orton from california.This article is very amazing, I was very impressed at all.i think its very helpful for well decorating ideas.

9 years ago

The little fire pit is so charming. Perfect for a California home where we typically don’t have fireplaces.