Happy 10th Birthday Freepeople.com!

So much can change in one year… let alone ten.

It is absolutely mind boggling, actually.  Before 2004, there were no iPhones (who else had one of those Nokia phones with the colorful inter-changeable covers?).  There was no Facebook. There was no Instagram.  There was no gmail. And, there was no freepeople.com.

These are tools we use on a daily basis – and now, can you imagine life without them? With the technological advancements in recent history, things can change in the blink of an eye.  Even in the 5 years since I started working at Free People, our website has changed dramatically.  Here’s what the original website looked like (yes, it is drawn by hand):


It’s not just our website that has changed either – as a whole, the brand has gone through quite the evolution to become what it is today.  Here’s a video that takes a look back at Free People through the years!

Thank you Mikky Ekko for the beautiful music!

Buy “Disappear” by Mikky Ekko on iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/disappear-demo-version-single/id784898866

Follow Mikky Ekko on Facebook and Instagram

Where to next? Only time will tell…

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6 years ago

Happy Birthday Free People!! and to the many more splendid decades to come!!! =)

6 years ago

Happy Birthday! That video was amazing, made me so happy to work for the company, and made me want to go explore (dressed in all FP of course)


6 years ago

Happy birthday Free People! <3

6 years ago

ericamhanner ericamhanner@gmail.com

6 years ago

HOLY SMOKES. this video is so sick! From the colours, to the music, and the love, mmmmhhhhhh beautifully done!!

6 years ago

you people are crazy talented!

6 years ago

Happy 10 years!!! You guys inspire me every day, so much talent! LOVE this video

6 years ago

cheers, lovin this video! xoxo

6 years ago

Congratulations! You guys are so much more than clothing, you help embrace a lifestyle! Cannot wait for the many years to come for this brand!

6 years ago

YaY!!! This is all incredible. thank you.

6 years ago
6 years ago

Happy B-Day my favorit shop ever !


6 years ago

I could seriously live in that music video, it’s darling. It makes me contemplate if I’m living the right life, making the right decisions, and doing what I really want to do? I love how free they were. Simply free people<3

HB freepeople.com,
nguyet k.

6 years ago

Happy B-day!! If I could move into a Free People store and make it my home I would! xx

Jasleen Bawa
6 years ago


6 years ago

As an over 45 woman, who has sometimes not embraced her bohemian past, I am soo happy to have found the FreePeople brand…I fully embrace my weird hippy past with the clothes, the brand inspires this fashionista everyday…Long Live FreePeople…

3 months ago

Hey! I was just wondering why the video for Free People 10 Years was taken down? It was one of my favorite videos to date & always inspired me to try something new & adventurous after watching it