Happy Fall Equinox!

Yes, it’s true… today marks a new beginning, a fresh start, an opportunity to set new goals and embark on new creative endeavors. Fall always feels like a reflective time.  In spring and summer, following the harshness of winter, we all just want to get outside and go go go, but come fall…we slow down a bit, turn our thoughts inwards, and ready ourselves for the darker months that lie ahead.  I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m not crazy about it… especially coming off of a pretty incredible summer.  But in an effort to embrace it, I’m focusing on the fact that this is a new beginning… what will the next few months hold for you? The answer is, quite truthfully, whatever you make of them.

Here’s some inspiration for welcoming the new season.

fall equinox

fall equinox

Get crafty with some leaf wall decor or a leaf garland!

Read up on falls’s best ingredients and their benefits, or make your own healthy pumpkin spice latte!

Ready up on the Yin and Yang of autumn.

Hot Toddies. That is all.

Fall fashion! Get inspired here, here, and here.

More ways to honor the fall equinox!

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9 years ago

Happy Equinox to you!


9 years ago

Embracing it! And all the colors and renewal. The garland is so gorgeous! Pinned.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I love fall, I also feel it’s a time of reflection, of stillness, of releasing the old, the things that no longer work for us, with dignity….it feels like a sort of a no man’s land between the old and the new. perhaps that stillness, the space is there to help us reflect on what we want to create in the new. perhaps its a time of morning the passing of the old…I always become reflective in the fall… thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts…

The Weaver Of Words………..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale……

9 years ago

There’s definitely something about this season. Winter is my least favorite, but I always look forward to fall -it’s just right! And I love me some sweaters & hot pumpkin spice lattes!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

I always feel fall is a time of renewal, when we’re able to take stock of what the months before brought us, filled to the brim with warm nights and sun-filled days. An echo of summers past, and a herald of Old Man Winter just around the corner! xxx

8 years ago

I love these inspirations! thank you so much! Photography in Fayetteville, NC