A Jacket For Every Girl

Jackets are the one thing I will splurge on.

There’s something about throwing one on as that final outfit completer that feels so good.  I have a pretty solid assortment of jackets, but I always find myself adding one or two more into the mix every time the colder seasons come back around. My favorite thing to do growing up was to dig through my grandmothers vintage coat collection whenever we made a visit to her house. If I was lucky, she would pass one down to me. Growing up in Florida, you really don’t don a jacket very often, but now that I live up north I actually have a reason to wear one. I’m sad that the summer is coming to an end, but I am excited for jackets to soon be acceptable to wear.

Our jacket shop is giving me the itch to start stocking up. I tend to gravitate towards the styles that make a statement–I’m all about the bright colors, shaggy textures, and fun prints. I wanted to give you all a little preview of some of my favorite ones, and no matter what girl you are – Sandy, Meadow, Lou, Candy or Ginger – a good jacket that makes you feel ready to conquer fall is always necessary.


sandy outfit

She loves the beach and the tonal colors of the sand and seashells. A soft textured jacket with a warm plaid print, like the Plaid Bell Sleeve Jacket is perfect for those windy fall days down by the shore.

Get the look: Plaid Bell Sleeve Jacket, Vegan Track Pant, 1+1 Cami, Plant Our Dreams Pullover, Harlan Heeled Boot, Extended Brim Clipperton


candy jacket

Candy is sweet, and her styling is soft, subtle and girly. Layering a cozy coat in a classic silhouette, like the Miss Molly Textured Overcoat, over a lacey mini and chunky sweater keeps the styling feminine and delicate in true Candy fashion.

candy jacket outfit

Get the look: Miss Molly Textured Overcoat, Chunky Oversized Pullover, Sugar Magnolia Mini Skirt, Manchester Tall Boot


lou jacket

Our Lou girls keep it relaxed, cool and comfortable. A tough leather jacket is a must for her fall wardrobe, and if it has studs, all the better.

Get the look: Studded Vegan Leather Moto, We The Free Sweet and Low V Tee, Domino Fall TrouserHarlan Heeled Boot, Goleta Leather Baseball


meadow jacket

Meadow is a free spirit who shows off her bohemian style with layers, dreamy prints, and a kiss of past decades. She’s drawn to pieces with long and drippy silhouettes, and looks for the little added details that are unique. The Great Lengths Lacey Corduroy Jacket is the perfect third-piece, with it’s soft cord material and deep mahogany color giving it a vintage look. 

Get the look: Great Lengths Lacey Corduroy Jacket, We The Free Barcelona Tee, Sienna Plaid Maxi SkirtManchester Tall Boot


ginger outfit

Ginger is always ready for a night out on the town. She keeps her style fitted and a little bit fancy, while still allowing her fun and charming attitude to shine through. She likes to be seen in showstopping pieces that catch the eye, like The Faithful Shaggy Jacket. Worn over a lace dress and dressed up with thigh highs and heels, she’s ready for a night under the stars.

Get the look: Faithful Shaggy Jacket, Made You Look Dress, Greenwich Thigh Hi, Dahlia Lace Up Heel

ginger b&w

What girl are you?

Shop Jackets.

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8 years ago

I love all of these! They would make such great layering pieces! xoxo


8 years ago

love that shaggy jacket!! so gorgeous.


8 years ago

They are all so perfect! I love the black fluffy one, it looks SO snug!


8 years ago

Candy and Meadow are so so pretty. Thank you for sharing – I love to splurge on jackets too.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

oh Jana those pants <3 you know which ones I’m talking about. Such a babe <3

8 years ago

Drooling over that black shag jacket!


Aesthetics in Wonder

8 years ago

I’m definitely a mix of Ginger/Meadow. Those looks are to die for!

xoxo Sara

8 years ago

Candy, Lou and Ginger’s are my favourites!

♡ TotallyRoisín | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog ♡

8 years ago

I’m crazy about Free People.
It’s full of inspiration and your outfit are always gorgeous especially the Candy one.


8 years ago

a look for everyone! Love it all…so many great styles. love to mix it up.
Free people finds something for all readers!
Dresses – boots – big jacket …perfect for fall! xx


7 years ago

beutiful model,, i like jacket style