Take Metallics Up A Notch With Gold-Leaf Nails

Metallics are having a major moment right now in both the fashion and beauty worlds. Is it any wonder? A small glint of gold, silver, or copper is the perfect way to hint at the season ahead. I’ve long been a fan of gold and bronze jewelry – especially paired with classic denim – but this fall I’m excited to incorporate those metallic accents into my manicure. A small glimmer here and there contrasts nicely against a simple weekend look, and adds a finishing touch to an evening outfit when paired with statement jewelry.

Metallic polishes are easy to come by in a myriad of shades, but I was inspired to try something new for this tutorial. I grabbed my favorite black polish and the gold leafing that’s been sitting in my supply closet (available at most craft stores) and got to work …

Gold Nails

Gold Leaf Nail Tutorial


Black polish

Gold leaf

Clear top coat

Gold Nails

First add a couple of coats of glossy black polish and allow to dry thoroughly.

Gold Nails

With clean dry hands, take a small piece of leafing and tap it on top of the black polish. It may stick all at once, but the more you tap and rub it on, the more it will break up. This can be a messy process — gold leaf is tricky to work with because it tends to stick to everything — if your hands get covered simply run them under cold water to remove the leafing from your finger tips.

Gold Nails

Once you’ve added leafing to both hands, brush a layer of clear polish over top to seal in the gold leaf. Allow to dry completely. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any extra leafing.

Gold Nails

What fall beauty trends would you like us to tackle next? Sound off in the comments.

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9 years ago

Love this. I’d enjoy seeing a post about the color oxblood (always makes me dream of fall) or of how to wear knee-high socks – I have a ton of them but for some reason feel a little uninspired about how to work them into my everyday wardrobe right now

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Lovely! Metallics are so great because they’re versatile for casual or formal – and every season. The gold leaf detail would be beautiful on a maroon mani.

Warm Regards,