Monday Quote: Don’t Quit

Don’t quit your daydream. 

A moment when we take off to a place unknown to others, and maybe even unknown to us. We pause…we are still…we think. We might not even know it’s happening, but oh, it’s happening.

An idea, a memory, a creative spark, a mental image…those are the ingredients of a daydream. That little speck in time when we get lost and our imagination runs wild. It’s so good. So pure.

Some of my most creative ideas come to me through this form of thought.  I often find that future endeavors live in my daydreams. I see myself, the place and the time, and it seems so real.

But then I snap back to reality…and then what? That dream goes away?

It shouldn’t. It should be a dream that you take and make real.

Don’t ever quit those daydreams.


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9 years ago

I absolutely will not! Love this quote and edit.

9 years ago

This is so important, it’s what keeps us going during rough patches.

xx Cheyenne

9 years ago

I love this and I needed it today! Following my current dream isn’t proving to be as smooth as I thought… definitely have to remember to stay motivated :)

<3 dani

9 years ago

Love this! Daydreams are so essential to my life.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

really needed this today! thank you

9 years ago

I day dream all the time and really it keeps me sane, those little elements of hope get me through the day!

9 years ago

I love your Monday Quotes-they’re always so inspiring and they’re the best pick me ups to my day!

9 years ago

really inspiring!

9 years ago

“Trust the timing of your life” – something I’ve been trying to remember everyday. With so many changes going on, its so crucial to remember what you love. Be dedicated, work hard, and it will happen. Never stop daydreaming…I do it everyday and it keeps me inspired.

9 years ago

You’re soo interesting! I don’t think I have read anything like this before.

So great to find someone with a few original thoughts on this issue.
Seriously.. many thanks for starting thyis up.
This site is one tbing that is required on the web, someone
with a biit of originality!