Get Motivated With Our Run Playlist

Throughout middle and high school, I was a runner. More specifically, a sprinter.  But outside of track meets, I always had a hard time motivating myself to run, especially any distance over the equivalent of my race – the 400 meter.  The one thing that could always make me do it was music.  Having the right soundtrack to your workout can go quite a long way in getting your mind in the right groove.  What stuck out to me most in our interview with Ryan of Philadelphia Runner, was his advice at the end: “Just run. I spend more time agonizing over going on a run then I do actually running. Put on your favorite song and take that first step out the door. The rest is easy.” It is so true, at least in my experience.  Once I’m out the door, with good tunes blasting in my ears, I completely forget why I don’t like to run, and could go for hours.

Here’s a mix of some songs that help get me moving – do you have a favorite artist or album to listen to when you run? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check them out!


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I love it!


To be in motion is to fulfill a purpose innate in us all. Love it xx

Love that sports bra – good playlist.

Warm Regards,

I’ll keep them in mind :) I really want to start running from now on and maybe creating a section in my blog as well. Thanks for sharing
xx Cecil

I’ve been running for a long time and that bra looks like it would give great support!


My favorite song to run to right now is: Say My Name by Odesza ft Zyra. It’s soooo good!!!

anything by disclosure is good to run to!

I am quite boring in that department since i often tend to have Tiesto playing :) Or any other dance music…
Have a great day


The video doesn’t play in India :( could someone tell me the songs on this list?

Stylish running gear and awesome tunes! I typically post my running playlist every Tuesday for those who are interested in new tracks. You can check it out on my blog –>

@FreePeople: Do you offer product review collaborations with bloggers?

<3 Jamaica


What’s the playlist called on rdio?


I wish you listed the songs so I can look them up on my own or buy them instead of having to sign up for yet another radio or site :(


I second Dani’s comment!


I second that, what’s the playlist called on rdio? its impossible to find