7 Ways To Fake A Beauty Rest

One thing that I absolutely hate, that unfortunately happens to all of us now and then, is waking up tired and looking tired.

Puffy eyelids, dark under-eye circles, lack of motivation, and an overwhelming desire to be back in your bed…can we all not agree that this feeling is the worst?

They say 7-9 hours of slumber each night is the proper amount to aim for. If I could get 9 hours, that would be a miracle. It’s hard to keep consistency with sleep…some nights you might only get 5 hours, while others might seem like you’re sleeping for an eternity. Daily schedules play a huge role in this. Mine is so busy that I’m lucky to get 6 or 7 hours of shuteye in a night. Sometimes though, no matter how much or how little I sleep, I still wake up looking just plain tired.

Over the years I’ve made a point to learn ways to start feeling and looking better whenever this happens. Below are some of the things I like to do if I’m having an extra sleepy morning!

sleeping on bed

Ice Cubes

Maybe you’ve done the spoon in the freezer trick for puffy eyes, but I go straight for the ice cubes. I’ll take one and wrap it once in a paper towel, then hold it over my eyes for a minute or so to decrease puffiness. I’ve found this to work quicker than cold spoons, and it saves time if you forgot to put some in the freezer the night before.


Downward Facing Dog

Increasing circulation will decrease puffiness. Try doing a yoga pose like Downward Facing Dog as soon as you wake up in the morning if you have a case of the zzz’s. This pose sends energizing blood flow to the head which will help get rid of tired looking eyes.


Apply Pressure

There are a few different pressure points on the body that we can utilize to help us feel more awake: The temples, back of the neck, and the wrists. Try massaging these zones as soon as you wake up to increase circulation and help get energy flowing. Using your fingertips, massage each area for 5 seconds. I like to do this a couple of times in each area before I start to get ready for the day. This is also a good thing to try if a wave of sleepiness hits you mid day!

beauty rest lead

Eye drops

I always have eye drops on hand, and they’re something I’ve found to work the best if I want to get rid of tired looking eyes. Adding a drop or two in each eye when you wake up will take away redness and decrease puffiness. I swear by this liquid gold…It’s like an instant burst of beauty in a bottle. I normally buy an over the counter soothing eye drop that includes redness relief. The cooling kind will definitely wake you up, but some people can be sensitive to the feeling. I use these sparingly–be sure to check with a doctor first before using on a daily basis!


High Pony

When you put your hair in a ponytail, you can feel the skin on your face tighten as you tie it back. Normally If I look tired, I tend to wear my hair down to hide some of my face, but I really should be doing the exact opposite. Try throwing your hair back in a high pony. You will notice that your eyes look lifted and skin looks tighter!

melly by beach


I always keep a glass of water by my bed at night. I’ll take a few big gulps right before I go to bed, and repeat as soon as I wake up. Having the water ice cold awakens the body and sends a refreshing sensation throughout. There’s nothing like an ice cold shock to your system to put a little pep in your step! Continuing to do so throughout the day will keep you looking and feeling alert.

beauty rest

Follow Through With Your Beauty Regime

Sometimes the thought of putting in any effort to get yourself ready for the day seems like running a marathon if you’re overly tired. When I feel like this, I’ve made a point to stick to the beauty regime that I normally do rather than skipping out just because I’m feeling lazy. Knowing that I put in the effort lifts my overall mood, and gives me more confidence throughout the day. Even if it’s just a touch of mascara and a swipe of blush, giving yourself a little bit of love can make all the difference. Curling your lashes is also a quick way to widen the eyes. Get as close to the eye lid as possible with the curler and give a gentle squeeze. Voila!

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7 years ago

Definitely need this today


7 years ago

I really like the photography in this post, super dreamy :)

7 years ago

Ice cubes and pressure…. I am going to try these two things sometime this week, because I know that I am not going to get enough sleep… It’s annoying and I wish I would cold turkey change all my evening habits but sometimes you just need baby steps. In fact, I am going to try the pressure now because I am dragging. Thanks for the idea.

7 years ago

I loved all of these tips. Doing a downward dog in the morning feels so heavenly.

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

just what I needed


7 years ago
7 years ago

So helpful! Great ideas!

7 years ago

I needed this today!


7 years ago

Definitely going to help me as Winter is drawing near and getting out of bed is so unappealing! Great tips!