Horses are a mirror to your soul.

Presence. Elegance. Wisdom. Freedom.

Is this what you would see looking back at you…. eye to eye… face to face, you to you?

Ready to know yourself? As you would a treasured friend? Begin a relationship with a horse. Sit quietly together. Trust between horse and human isn’t given freely nor easily. You acquire it by way of grace and patience, of stillness and self-assurance. The horse feels your energy, your every up… your every down… leaving no room for self-doubt or questionable intentions. They require that you match them in their strength and grace and in their spontaneous grounded flight. They will show us who we aren’t –  how far we’ve come – how much farther we still have – and who we (to the core) really are.  They are our greatest teachers; the gift of honest self-reflection.

Spend real time with a horse, and forever be changed. Free Yourself.

A promise I know I can keep.



Get the look: Nordic Nights Jacket, Hendrix Sweater Legging.


Get the look: Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve, High Rise Roller Skinny, Slouchy Boyfriend Jacket.




Get the look: Charlotte Set, Montana Wide Brim Hat.



Get the look: Rib and Lace Turtleneck, Printed Velvet Duster, Leather Tassel Pendant, Jett Hip Belt, Owen Relaxed Straight Leg.




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8 years ago

Wow the photos are so beautiful !
Horses are so elegant, I love them. They are perfection.


8 years ago

these photos are stunning. I love this!

8 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous photos & message. One of my favorite shoots yet.

xoxo Sara

8 years ago


The photos. The words. The message.
My favorite styling story to date.

8 years ago

This was a beautiful post. You never fail me FP!

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8 years ago

those horses tho!

8 years ago

In love with everything about this

8 years ago

Photos are beautiful!

8 years ago

This makes me miss my horse! I love this photo shoot and the gorgeous horse!

8 years ago

I love shooting with horses! I’ve been wanting to pair a gorgeous flowing FP dress with a white horse for a shoot. This has inspired me to do so even more! xx

8 years ago

Soo dreamy! I love the light tones and the beautiful white horse. I’d LOVE to do a shoot with a model and horse some day

8 years ago

Dreamy words with a dreamy shoot. Thank you FP.

8 years ago

These photos are just magical. Stunning, just stunning!

8 years ago

Such beautiful photo’s! I especially love the one where they’re face to face! This really inspires me.
I’m currently writing an essay on natural communication with horses, which includes those wonderful things you said in the intro. It’s so good to see that FP is into that kind of thing too. But how could it be otherwise, right? It totally suits you.
I was wondering if you have any special anecdotes about what makes natural horsemanship special for you and how it embodies freedom. I would love to write something about it in my essay, since I’m asking many people about their experiences with natural horse communication.
Thanks in advance and once again, great post! ;)

8 years ago

Do you not sell the matching crop top and pencil skirt (pic no. 6) at It’s lovely.

8 years ago

Great shots Amy!

8 years ago

You said it beautifully: “Spend real time with a horse, and forever be changed. Free Yourself.”

Everyone can benefit from being present with a horse.

Thank you.

7 years ago

In love with everything about this