3 Ways To Make Your Clothes Smell Amazing

Scent is a powerful thing, it can lift us up, transport us to another time and place, or lull us softly to sleep. 

Like the deep, comforting aroma of coffee that beckons from the kitchen on cold frosty mornings — is there anything quite like it? — or the crisp clean smell of freshly washed laundry, scent has a language all its own. Lately I’ve been incorporating scent in my daily routine beyond the typical dab of perfume oil, I love opening the doors of my closet and being greeted by the spicy essence of my favorite sandalwood soap, or pulling out a dresser drawer to be met with the clean smell of lavender. These beautiful scents make getting dressed feel less like an all-too-early chore, and more like an event I actually look forward to.

Today I’m sharing three of my favorite all-natural ways to make clothes, closet, and dresser drawers smell incredible. Try them out, and I can almost guarantee the time you spend getting ready in the morning will feel that much lovelier.

Fabric-Wrapped Soap
Placed on a closet shelf or tucked into a drawer (or even your luggage), these bars of soap will lend their aroma to the space they’re in. Stronger-scented soap works best for this.Scent

Your favorite soap bar
Light fabric
Needle & thread

Unwrap the bar of soap and place on top of the fabric. Cut the fabric so it wraps easily over the soap. Wrap the bar as you would a present and use the needle and thread to sew the package shut. The light fabric will allow the scent to come through while protecting your clothes from any oils that may be in the soap.Scent

Bergamot Linen Spray
Linen spray is a great way to add scent to your linens, furniture, or clothes. Choose your favorite essential oil to customize the spray to your taste.Scent

Glass spray bottle
15 drops essential oil of your choice (I used bergamot)
2 tsp witch hazel

Add the essential oil and witch hazel to the spray bottle and top off with water. Shake. Spritz anything and everything, but do a test before spraying on white fabrics to ensure the essential oil won’t stain. Wrap your favorite cuff around the bottle to decorate it.Scent

Lavender Sachets
A far cry from the overly perfumed sachets we all know. Lavender sachets are the perfect way to add a very light scent to the clothes in your dresser.Scent

Dried lavender
Light fabric or tissue paper

Lay the fabric on a flat surface and add two tablespoons of lavender to the center. Gather the fabric and tie the top shut with the string. Tuck into drawers, into luggage, or between folded clothes.Scent Shop this story: Crystal Sets, Teardrop Pixie Dress, Victorian Lace Turtleneck, Free Bird Necklace, Triune Cuff.

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9 years ago

I love all of these ideas, especially since my roommate and I cook food daily so sometimes my clothes, bags, scarves smell like what was cooked a few hours ago, sometimes a few days ago.


9 years ago

I adore this post! Pinning. I’d love to try all of these methods – the lace wrapped soap looks gorgeous. & that is the brand of essential oil I use :)

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I use a homemade minty soap in my drawers and it gives my things such nice subtle energizing scent that lingers throughout the day. :)

I’ll definitely have to try that linen spray sometime!


9 years ago

Oh! I love these ideas! Hanging my laundry out on the clothesline makes it smell super fresh, but I think I’m going to try a sachet in with my clothes as well!

9 years ago

This is a wonderful idea. When your clothes smell nice you feel nice. You could even pick scents that gives you a certain feeling, like lavender for calm or orange zest for energy.


9 years ago

Great ideas!

9 years ago

Where does one get nagchampa soap?!

9 years ago

Great Idea

I use a lot of doTERRA essential oils. The aroma is apparent without being overwhelming. I put it on my body, but it often makes me clothes smell good too! My friends always say that they know I’m approaching not from seeing me but from smelling me (in a good way haha) (I hope :P) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

9 years ago

I need to try the linen spray- we have all of those ingredients and aromatherapy is so helpful when the cloudy fall makes me blue. Thanks!

9 years ago

I would love to be able to do this. Unfortunately, my vocal cords spasm and I am unable to speak when I smell such stuff on people and clothes. Even cycling passed a field of Lavendar has the same effect. So even natural scents can be a problem for chemically sensitive people. I just thought I would comment as there are increasing numbers of sufferers. Thank you for reading

9 years ago

This is great! I am pinning for later use. Thanks for sharing!!!

Eboni || Buildingournvhome.blogspot.com

9 years ago
9 years ago

Hello, I use sandalwood. Just a piece of wood in your wardrobe will make you feel so oriental!

9 years ago

These are things I’ve always done, thanks to my grandma who teached me it! :)


9 years ago

Hi there! Love the linen spray idea..is the witch hazel a necessary ingredient? What is it’s purpose?

9 years ago

I love the scent of bergamot and lavender in my nest…’tis the season for a Grand Fir scent. I rub my fingers against my Christmas tree every time I enter my nest and feel comforted with its citrusy scent.

8 years ago

The question has been asked above, but I don’t see an answer– is the witch hazel necessary?

8 years ago

yeah what does it do??? And I’d like to know where you could get dried lavender. But winter is almost here so winter fir is a great idea. What about cinnamon on oil. Would that work?

7 years ago

Hi, love your recipe. I read once to use distilled water in a spritzer with essential oils. Do you know the difference between the two, tap water and distilled, and why distilled would be recommended? Also, where does one find glass spray bottles?

Sherri Overzat
5 years ago
Reply to  Elena

Tap water has small amounts of chlorine and alkaline metals and will not mix with the essential oil. Distilled water is the purest form of water so it won’t interfere with whatever is added to it.

Helen Pickard
6 years ago

I am making lavender sachets using burlap for a wedding using essential oil but I don’t see how many ounces the glass spray bottle is. Can you give me additional information?
thanks, helen

5 years ago

Good tips, well doing laundry at home is not an easy task so sometime i take help of laundry profession especially when stains on clothes is tough. also because it save a lo of time. and make things easy for me.