Get The Look: 90s Style Icons

Within the past year, my personal style has definitely transitioned a bit. 

It’s been a gradual shift. As I age, so does my taste, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that. There are things in my closet right now that I never would have purchased two years ago. As I evaluate some of the new pieces I’ve added in, I always end up thinking one thing: “This looks straight out of the 90s.” Flannels, destroyed Levis, vintage crew neck pullovers…that’s what has been filling up my shopping cart as of late.

I have a serious love for the 90s, so no complaints are present here. That was my childhood, and in terms of style icons, there are some gems that emerged out of those years. As I think back to the big names during that time period…Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Liv Tyler, Fiona Apple, Alicia Silverstone…they were all such babes (and still are!), and have made such a huge impact on the fashion world.

Here are three looks we’re loving right now, inspired by some of our favorite gals from the 90s!

Florals: Kate Moss

kate moss

Kate Moss was everywhere in the 90s. She started modeling at the age of 14, and is still gracing covers and inspiring our wardrobes to this day. Her personal style is simple, but combined with her attitude it can speak volumes. She can wear the hell out of a slip dress, and I love this above shot of her from 1997. Ditsy and dark florals were huge in the 90’s, but here’s how we’re doing it today:

floral and beanie

90s and beanie

Get the look: Evangelista Midi Dress, Velvet Duster, Suede Treasure Lariat, Durand Lace Up Flat, Printed Pom Pom Beanie

Denim: Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore denim

One of my favorite movies growing up was Babes In Toyland, and the first time I saw it was also the first time I was introduced to Drew Barrymore. Throughout the 90s, this girl starred in a movie (or two) almost every year. She seemed to always be in some sort of denim ensemble, with occasional daisies strewn throughout her hair and a smile the size of Texas. Need I say more with the above picture? Here’s how we do denim on denim circa 2014:

denim on denim

denim on denim

Get the look: Rolled Crop Skinny, Cropped Denim Jacket, We the Free Monroe Tank, Ventura Hiker Boot

Grunge: Gwen Stefani 


Plaid…stripes…plaid and stripes worn together…that’s all I picture when I think back to Gwen Stefani in the 90s, and she was the ultimate cool girl. I mean, being the front woman in a band made up of dudes has to give her a little bit of an edge. Cropped muscle tanks, mixed prints, and a few studs here and there gave Gwen that grungy tomboy look, but I love how she found ways to make it look sexy.  No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” is one of my favorite albums, and many of my outfits today incorporate a little bit of her 90s style.

gwen grunge

grunge and flannel

Get the look: Tabby Cat Mock Neck, Plaid Wrap Skort , Plaid Explosion Buttondown, Vegan Leather Hooded Motorcycle Jacket, Landry Tall Boot

girls in 90s outfits

Who is your favorite 90s style icon?

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Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone, forever and always <3 And that last photo is everything


Love these 90s inspired looks! The Kate Moss look is definitely my favorite – the Evangelista midi dress is to die for.

xoxo Sara

Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe in Friends!!! ACK! I’m inspired every time I watch those old episodes. Loved this post. Please make this a thing!! I’d love to see it done throughout all the decades too. Especially for the 20’s, 40’s and 60’s. :)

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SO much inspiration so so cool

I love this! The 90s are coming back and I couldn’t be more inspired now!


Looooove the grunge trend! These photos are amazing and good for inspiration!
Thank you free people! :)

Love 90’s fashion, so easy to wear!

Courtney Love all the way (her taste in men isn’t so bad either)

Gwen Stefani was kind of a weird choice for grunge, but I still dig it! I liked Drew Barrymore’s looks the best.

xo Kenzie
easy, lucky, free

One Kate Moss for me, please! :D :D

I love everything related with passed times, fashion, beauty, lifestyle… And this post was just amazing :)

Beautiful beautiful hair in those last photos!!

Loove! I love 90’s gwen and drew <3