Embrace The Dark

The all encompassing dark… after the September equinox it seems to approach from all sides, engulfing us in its black velvet embrace. We wake long before the sun has managed to hoist itself over the horizon, and depart our jobs and daily responsibilities at dusk, the day seemingly over all too soon.

After a sun-soaked summer this time of year can be disheartening — the air cools, leaves drop, and we fumble with the snooze button too many times, the sun refusing to assist in lifting our eyelids, the moon arriving all too early, before we’ve even left the office. We resist, digging in our heels and lamenting the passage of warm days. But there is beauty in this inevitable darkness, if we can only allow ourselves to embrace it.

Embrace the Dark

That overwhelming dark invites us to appreciate what little light there is. Those rare bluebird days, sandwiched between the moody grey, remind us just how gorgeous a sun-filled cold day can be, the sun and air washing over your face as you step out into the world. And while those vibrant days may feel few and far between, the night itself is something to be celebrated as well, this is the season of preparation and hibernation after all. Listen to your body, allow it to rest, to sleep, to warm itself. Celebrate the inky black sky, the moon and the stars that shine bright in the night, offering us their beauty early in the evening so that we may enjoy them for just a little longer.

Embrace the Dark

Embrace the Dark

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9 years ago

Love this post. life is about embracing new things.


9 years ago

Love this post, I was definitely feeling down about the cold and dark – but am realizing I’m going about it all wrong and I should be embracing this change and preparing my body for it, rather than fighting it. Thanks!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Loving this post, Fall does give off this dark enchanting mood, but I love every bit of it. The colors in the sky as the sun goes down, the leaves changing into their beautiful colors. I love the rainstorms that come with it as well.

9 years ago

Loooooove this lots!!!

9 years ago

Beautiful post. Just what I needed to hear today.

9 years ago

This post is lovely. There is beauty in darkness for sure.

9 years ago

The dress! Is it current FP?

9 years ago

Yeah! What dress is that?

9 years ago

The dress….. I need this for winter? Where can we find it peops? Xxx