Fall Favorites From Stevie Dance

Growing up in Australia, Stevie Dance didn’t even know what a stylist was.  

“I never thought I would ever, ever work in fashion,” says Dance, who now calls the Lower East Side home.  “I always used clothes as a means to express myself, but it wasn’t about trends, it was more about what I was into in terms of pop culture.” Luckily, she just happened to have a natural knack for fashion and “fell into it.”

Cut to today: Dance serves as the fashion director for POP Magazine, and has styled everyone from Naomi Watts to Sky Ferreira in her esteemed career. “It almost feels old school these days to create an actual publication,” says Dance. “But I love it!”

Since she spends her days around high fashion and design, Dance says she likes to keep her own look super low-key. (Credit her Aussie upbringing for her all-around chill vibes.) “It’s always vintage, and really simple,” she says of her effortlessly cool daily uniform.  “I’m denim obsessed. I wear a pair of jeans or overalls and a white T-shirt almost every single day.”

Here, Dance shares her top picks from our fall collection!

Article by Kristin Tice Studeman; Photos by Natasha Nuñez

www.homeagency.com; @homeagency

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stevie dance

stevie dance

stevie dance

Items Pictured: Topped in Fur Peacoat, Bicho Bolita Bracelet, Pretty Ballerina Cuff Layering Top, Along the Border Printed Flare.

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8 years ago

Love this! I love skinny jeans on other people, but I just find it uncomfortable and unflattering to my shape (small upper body, large booty). Love those printed flares!! Dance is fascinating.

Gypsy Plunder Vintage

8 years ago

I’m with Julene. I got a booty so skinny jeans are not really a good option for me. Love flares.

8 years ago

So sweet – the most stylish women always wear the most simple, chic things.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Thanks for sharing – I love finding new people that I can look to for inspiration style/career wise!