FP Me Profiles: Meet Hannah Zin

stretchingAbout two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend the day in New York City with a team of creatives, and witness an FP Me shoot that was different from any that I’ve seen before. 

Over the course of the past year, we’ve done a number of FP Me shoots all over the country. There’s been one thing that all of these hold in common, and that is the fact that we, Free People, come to you. So what happens when the girl comes to us? Something magical, which I saw on that very day in the city. Three FP Me gals, all extremely inspiring and passionate, allowed us to take a peek into their daily lives and show us their NYC. They took us to the places that make them feel alive, and as they lead us through New York, the team and I got to know them on a much more personal level. Each one has a passion… an art… a love. They have each found a path that they enjoy, and hearing each of their stories that day was truly special.

First up, meet Hannah Zin. Hannah is a professional ballet dancer who has practiced dance all her life and a MIT at FP 5th Ave, who currently resides in Brooklyn. We headed to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge where Hannah moved with the rising sun, in between the shadows created by the linear architecture of the landmark, then down to the promenade, where one of the best views of the NYC skyline lives. Here is her story:

Photos by Kate Rentz.

hannah dancer

They say it takes five years to be able to call yourself a real New Yorker. Well, here I am five years later – I’ve lived in two different boroughs, I see the Statue of Liberty on my train ride to work everyday, I’ve visited countless museums and galleries, and eaten more slices of New York pizza than I should probably admit.

But nothing makes you feel more like a true New Yorker than witnessing the rare beauty of New York’s historical landmarks completely deserted. Walking through Union Square once all the market stalls have closed for the day, or walking down Broadway late at night seeing the theaters locking their doors and turning off their marquees. 

It’s “the city that never sleeps”, so when you do catch it sleeping, it is somewhat magical. It feels like a special, intimate moment you are sharing with the city, a moment that is all yours, despite the eight million or so other people that also call New York home.

This is the feeling that washed over me as we started our shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge, early in the morning. The docks were covered in dew, sleepy commuters were just barely starting to make their way to the ferry to head in to downtown Manhattan, the city skyline was slowly emerging through the 7am mist.  As I began to stretch and dance, I had to drink it all in, live in this moment – in my favorite place, doing what I love, and all drawn together by Free People.

bridge dance

Get the Look: Soft Legging, Tight Ruched Tee

hand tied

 Get the Look:Off the Shoulder Ballerina Cami, Threadbare Stacking Rings, Cage Stone Ring


Get the Look: FP Movement Wild Heart Pants, Cage Racerback Bra, Cotton Rib Stretch Shrug

lead photo

hands and feet

danicng in light

oufit and skyline

arched back

dance and skyline

Get the Look: FP Movement Wild Heart Pants, Giselle Wrap


 Get the Look:Off the Shoulder Ballerina CamiSoft Legging

hannah in light

holding ballet shoes

pretty gown

Get the Look: Artemis Maxi

Free People has been a constant through my journey in New York. I started working at Free People Fifth Ave as a part-time Stylist in 2010, the summer after my freshman year at Alvin Ailey and Fordham University, where I went on to complete my BFA in Dance and Art History.  Four years later, I am a Manager-in-Training, one year out of school and navigating the busy world of the freelance dancer in NYC. Free People has been a home to me and my coworkers are my family, always supporting me when I have to leave on tour or for auditions. There is a reason that despite all the changes in my life, from student to professional, Free People has always been there. The life of an artist, committed, passionate, and creative, is deep-rooted in the Free People culture and lifestyle. In my store alone, we can count photographers, stylists, painters, actresses, and dancers among our employees and I am so happy to be able to share a glimpse of Free People in my life.

baby dancer


group shot

Photos by Kate Rentz. Check out her Instagram

Thank you, Hannah!

Be sure to follow Hannah on FP Me!

Stay tuned for more FP Me Profiles! 

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This is so gorgeous – everything about her and her style and the space and lighting. Well done! I loved her thoughts on catching the city sleeping… beautiful.

Warm Regards,


Loved this interview. Amazing city views and I also adore how she spoke of witnessing “the city that never sleeps” actually sleeping!

xoxo Sara

Beautiful photos. Saw these on FPMe this morning, seriously so perfect!


Ballerinas are so graceful and make dancing look so easy, although I know that it’s anything but! I was in New York last week for part of Fall Break, and I must admit that my friends and I hit many touristy spots, but I would have to say that my favorite moments were not those. My favorite moments were the more simple ones, where I didn’t feel the need to rush around, get photos, and beat the throng of people. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


This is beautiful. I have to say I was so upset with your other video about ballet, but this makes up for it. Gorgeous photos, ballet dancer, woman, and story!

Mahalo Kalei

Oh Free People you melt my heart when you feature beautiful people like Hannah! The look in Free People image has been so repetitive lately, it’s so refreshing to see these pictures, and the light looks amazing!

Gorgeous photos! Amazing light and woman. <3