FP Me Stylist of the Week: TiffanyMitchell

I’m continually inspired by the FP Me community. As a part of my job, I scroll through the style pic gallery every day, and some of the imagery I see is absolutely breathtaking.

One user that has caught our attention time and again is Tiffany Mitchell. This woman is knowledgeable in all things creative – a blogger, baker, stylist, photographer, illustrator…that soul she’s got is multi-faceted to say the least. I’ve yet to meet Tiffany, but Julia had the chance to meet her in Nashville, and I’ve only heard good things. Based off of good word and the life she portrays through her blog, Instagram and FP Me profile, I trust my sources that Tiffany is one inspiring being. You can take a peek inside her life by visiting her blog, Offbeat + Inspired, or by following daily snaps into her world on her Instagram feed.

Speaking of which, she is taking over the Free People Instagram account for the day! Be sure to check out her posts today, and read on to get to know a little bit more about Tiffany!

Above: Washed Denim Overall, We the Free Boxy Crop Stripe Tee, Sabrina Tiered Pendant

fp-me-nashville (40)

Get the Look: Destroyed Muscle Tee, Low Rise Relaxed Cut Off, Phoenix Rafia Straw Hat

Where are you from? What’s your favorite part about your hometown?

I was born and raised in northeastern New Jersey. I think my favorite part about that area is its proximity to just about everything imaginable. I was 10 minutes from Manhattan, an hour from the beach, an hour from the slopes, an hour from the country…oh and in Lodi, my hometown, there was fresh pizza and bagels on every corner. That’s fairly typical of New Jersey though.


Get the Look: Harpoon Wrap Sandal, Abbey Road Sunglasses

Where do you currently live, and what brought you there?

I currently live in Lexington, Kentucky. Growing up in the NY metro area bubble had me somewhat clueless about what the rest of the country had to offer — but my husband and I took a road trip out to Kentucky a few years ago and fell in love with it instantly. We figured, we’re young, let’s adventure. Within a month we had relocated!


Get the Look: Everyday Girl Swiss Buttondown, Drippy Linen Jacket


How do you spend most of your days?

Most of my days are spent photographing, editing, styling, cooking, or illustrating. It seems like a random mix, but one of my main missions in life is to chase every little spark of inspiration that hits. Life is too short to limit yourself to one thing if your dream is to do more!


Get the Look: Wow CardiRailroad Leather Brim Hat

How did your blog, Offbeat & Inspired, come to be?

Offbeat + Inspired happened during a Kentucky cabin weekend with my childhood friend, Sarah. We were catching up on everything under the sun and I started telling her about all the new projects I was working on. She was sharing hers too — everything from cooking to soap making and furniture up-cycles. It hit us pretty quickly that we should start documenting all of this stuff somewhere. Maybe someone out there would be inspired by our “offbeat” interests (i.e., “weirdness”) — and if not, at least we’d have a spot to dump them all and keep tabs on each other! A few weeks later we launched the blog.


Get the Look: Dynamite High Rise SkinnyWe the Free Free Fallin TeeClipperton Felt Hat


Get the look: Oil Stained Boyfriend Jean, FP X Bon Bon Thermal, We The Free Roadtrip Flannel

Is there one aspect of blogging that you love the most?

Sharing is my favorite thing about blogging. That probably seems obvious, but it really is the thing I’m in love with. I compare it to girl time with my sisters — sharing a recipe with them so they can learn to bake, sharing a makeup tip, a skirt I found on sale, a great little cafe with amazing lattes — it provides a platform to genuinely connect with people, inspire them, and hope that they share back and inspire someone too.


Get the Look: Bad Romance Pullover, FP Light Weight StretchStateside Woven Wedge

What have you learned about yourself through this venture?

I’ve learned that I’m sorely lacking in time management skills. I get so excited about new ideas and projects that I just want to do it all. It’s been a great lesson in finding balance, which has benefited me in so many other areas of life. I’ve also learned that I’m on the right path. I feel like I’ve truly settled into the groove of what I’m supposed to be doing — that whole “work doesn’t feel like work” thing!


fp-me-nashville (50)

Get the Look:Destroyed Muscle TeeChunky Bead PendantMetal Charm Bracelet SetSabrina Tiered PendantPentagon Pendant

You got to take part in the FP Me shoot and backyard dinner party while the team was in Nashville. Do you have a favorite memory from your experience?

My favorite memory from that trip as a whole was being with people I had connected with at so many different points in life, in so many different places. We were all together in one spot for that magical evening. I loved getting to know the girls behind the FP cameras and blog. I loved seeing their sweet faces and hearing their stories. There’s nothing like sharing a beautiful outdoor dinner at sunset with inspiring, like-minded creatives! If I had to choose a favorite moment specifically, it would probably be wandering around Nashville in search of cool spots to shoot. I do that sort of thing on my own all the time, so doing it with the FP crew was a dream come true!


Can we talk about your Instagram feed for a minute? It’s pretty amazing, and so well curated! Do you have certain guidelines on what you post, and when you post?

Thank you so much haha! I’m beyond thrilled that you enjoy my feed!! My only rule is that I post what I’m feeling. It’s interesting to browse through my past photos and watch the colors shift, the moods change, the content alternate. I can tell what season it was or what my day was like based on those things. Lately, my pictures have been more dark and moody. I’m getting cozy, anticipating the depth of autumn and the beginning of winter. Whether it’s food, fashion or adventure, you’ll definitely be getting a little subliminal “start bundling up” message from my posts.


Get the Look: Desert Winds Printed Dress

tiff on roof

Get the look: Washed Denim Overall, Brushed Animal Scarf

How did you first get into photography?

I’ve always loved photography, but I only really got into it when I got my hands on my first DSLR. I had a couple of wonderful photog friends who taught me the ropes and helped me pick out my Canon 5D. Since then, it’s been a blur of RAW files and memory cards. The iPhone changed the game, of course — and nowadays I shoot equally on both the phone and my (now upgraded) Canon 5D Mark II.


Get the Look: We the Free At the Seams Tee, Squared Off Convertible Maxi

What keeps you creatively inspired?

Life and people. Genuinely connecting with others over who they are and what they love is what keeps me inspired. This spills over into all of my seemingly random passions and gives them a common thread. What I love most about fashion is the medium it offers a person to express something about themselves outwardly. What I love most about cooking is sitting around a table and sharing that treat or that meal with a group — I find that conversations can be so much more meaningful when they happen over good food. What I love most about adventure is getting to see something new and exciting alongside others, and learning the quirks and differences between each individual’s interpretations. It’s all about finding beauty in the little things, working up the courage to share what you see and living out each day as the adventure that it is.


Get the Look: FP Denim Cut Off Shorts, Two Lane Stripe Tee

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice I was ever given was “live adventurously”. The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing. I love how much more vibrant each day can be when you look at life that way!

What does being ‘free’ mean to you?

Being free means being yourself. Embracing all that you are and all that you could be. Letting your hair down and running after every spark of inspiration that floats through your mind, no matter how silly it may look and no matter what anyone else thinks. Freedom is raw beauty and knowing what it means to be alive. There’s a lot of laughing and dancing involved, in my opinion haha!


Get the Look: Washed Denim Overall, Stand Behind Me Vegan Leather Jacket

Thank you, Tiffany!

Be sure to head over to our Instagram to check out all of Tiffany’s posts today!

Follow Tiffany on FP Me and Instagram, and visit her blog, Offbeat + Inspired!

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9 years ago
9 years ago

Hooray for Lexington love. We have so much to share and offer to the world and Tiffany’s Lex photos really show this. I am super jealous of her rooftop accessibility! I love looking at downtown from the tops of parking garages.

9 years ago

I am SO glad that I could discover this girl through FP! Her words and outlook on life are beautiful and she really does have a knack for photography and styling. These FP Stylist posts are always my favorite!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Absolutely beautiful! I want to own every single piece in this fabulous woman’s closet!

Gypsy Plunder Vintage

@rhiannon thank you so much!! :)

@Lizzie YAY Lexington!! I’m just so in love with this city. Incredibly honored to be able to share some of its beauty through such an inspiring brand!! <3 AND the rooftop views hahaha! PRICELESS! :D

@Sara YAY!! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!! <3

@JuleneTheGypsy Thank you so much!! :D

9 years ago

Her style is SO good. Love!!! Also loving her insta take over!


9 years ago

Ah I need to pin all of these!!!

9 years ago

Her stories are great, I’m definitely envious of how she spends her days – magical! Lodi sounds like a great place to live. It was nice to get her summary of it.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Love this: “Life is too short to limit yourself to one thing if your dream is to do more!”

And this: “Being free means being yourself. Embracing all that you are and all that you could be. Letting your hair down and running after every spark of inspiration that floats through your mind, no matter how silly it may look and no matter what anyone else thinks.”


9 years ago

these photos are way too good – i want her hair so bad.
great style, photos, and locations! love them all.
FP – you find some gems! people from all over that are truly inspirational. its amazing you promote from within!
also – i want her wardrobe!