Free People Presents: A Letter

“It’s ok to hold on tight…and to let go.”

Our latest short film is the most meaningful to me of any we’ve done.  I didn’t know the story before I watched it, but even in just the opening moments, I felt a connection to it.  Turns out, I can relate.  In the film, Dree Hemingway’s character Sarah is on a personal journey – one to retrace the footsteps of her late mother.  Her mother’s words, scribbled on the pages of an old weathered journal, come to her from the past, but also in a way the words come from the future as her mother reminds her that she will always be there, by her side, in spirit.

I can feel her sadness, but I can also feel her joy – joy that she has these final words of advice to carry with her always, along with the sepia-toned photographs and necklace. For me, it is a ring.  And while I’ve learned over time the importance of letting go, there are certain things I will always – always – hold on to.

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Creative Direction: Free People
Actors: Dree Hemingway, Angela Lindvall, Joel Danielsson
Film Director: CMCM and Duncan Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Written By: CMCM and Free People
Editor: Ryan McKenna @ The Mill
Producer: Carl Walters @ The Mill
Color: Michael Rossiter @ The Mill
Special Thanks: Dornan’s, Moose WY

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Amanda Sweat
8 years ago

That was beautiful

8 years ago

So beautiful, the words had me in tears. So inspiring!

8 years ago

wow, what a moving piece. I loved every minute and this–especially the glimpse of the beginning of a new journey for a child to come.

8 years ago

This was absolutely touching. Left me in tears as well… such a beautiful concept.

xoxo Sara

8 years ago

So very beautiful! I really enjoy all of Free People’s short films.

8 years ago

so exquisitely done & wonderfully inspiring!!! …another breathtaking video by FP!!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

What a breathtaking video. My father passed away a few months ago, and the pain that that loss left still hurts. He had no time to write me a letter or to advise me on what to do. This video really made me feel like my dad was speaking through the mother’s words… thank you very much. Really, a beautiful video.

8 years ago

I could not hear what the mother was saying, barley. The scenery was beautiful and couple was cute though.

8 years ago

i treasure the last letters of friends across the ocean. the finality and hope of those last words are something to be held tightly.

8 years ago

BEAUTIFUL in every way

8 years ago

From France with a lot of emotion : “merci pour cet instant”.
Have a great day. With (french) love,

8 years ago

Please can someone post the content of the letter here, there were parts where the music was so loud that was covering her voice and I couldn’t understand!! Thank you:)

8 years ago

Absolutely beautiful.

8 years ago

This was stunningly done. What a great, moving way to start my Tuesday before heading into the store. Love this! Thank you for creating / sharing!

8 years ago

The music in this video was sublime!!!!! Please, please, please, let us know who and what it was!

8 years ago

Great video. Love that kind of ‘sadness’ .. it’s so positive!! Well done .. Thanks for sharing with us! :) love.

8 years ago

This is just beautiful

7 years ago

amazing video! what’s the name of the musical piece? it is sublime

6 years ago

I want to see the video but can not because is in private :\