Make Your Own Halloween Party Backdrop

Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a party. It’s not everyday that you’re able to dress up as anything imaginable, so why not gather everyone in one place to celebrate?

And with that, there’s a key item that you’ll need to document all those incredible costumes… a photobooth! The cameras are sure to be out, so having the proper backdrop to capture all of the Halloween fun is crucial. This year, we created one that is a little bit celestial to set the mood. Moons, stars, glitter, it’s all there, and it makes for a magical scene that is perfect for All Hallow’s Eve. Here’s how to do it:

What you need:

what you need

Cardboard/Poster Board



X-acto Knife






Duct Tape

draw moon

First, draw out a large sized moon on the largest piece of cardboard you have. (We used a large fold up display board)

exacto knife

Using an X-acto knife, cut out the moon from the display board.

holding moon

It should look something like the above picture. The bigger, the better!

gold paint

You can make your moon whatever color you would like, but we applied some metallic gold paint onto it using a paper towel and some water.

moon and stars

On the smaller pieces of cardboard and poster board, draw out some stars and a smaller sized moon.

cut out stars

Tip: It’s easier to cut with an X-acto knife on the cardboard, and save the scissors for the poster board.

stars and twine

We painted some of the stars gold, and used black poster board for the others, with glittered sprinkled throughout. Once you have the desired amount of stars (or moons), drape a piece of twine across the space you’re using for your backdrop.

twine and stars

Cut off a few more pieces of twine and affix the stars to the end (you could also use a glue gun), then tie the other end to the piece that is draped.


To create the illusion of sitting on the moon, grab a crate or small stool that you can attach the moon to. We used duct tape to secure it.

rig on moon

If you use a thick enough piece of cardboard, the moon may stand up straight by itself. The display board wasn’t sturdy enough, so we rigged up a stand that provided just the right amount of support. Using some left over cardboard, cut a triangular shaped piece that is long enough to fill up the space in between the moon and the wall. Secure the straight end to the moon with some duct tape.

pin to wall

Secure the pointed end to the wall as shown above.

moon stand up straight

Tip: You could also hang the moon from the ceiling and create the same effect!

ligt candles

Gather up some pumpkins and other festive items to place next to the backdrop.

back lead


It’s easy as that! Have fun!

What are your Halloween plans? Please share!

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8 years ago

Ah, I love this!

8 years ago

Super cute! I love party backdrops…perfect for taking photos!

Check out my hand-illustrated DIY on How to Make a Dreamcatcher!

8 years ago
8 years ago

I love this!

8 years ago

Such a wonderfully fun idea for Halloween party!

8 years ago

No way! This is actually something that I’d keep in my room FOREVER to be honest haha!

xoxo Sara

8 years ago

I love this! I definitely agree with Sara, decorations like these would be awesome year-round.

8 years ago

This is SO cool! And it looks so easy. I seriously love it! I always love your party back drops!

8 years ago

I need to get some cardboard boxes! Now!

8 years ago

This is so pretty! This would be so cute to offer to bring to a halloween party – instead of another dish! Love it – pretty and spooky.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

This is infinitely celestial and such a sophisticated Halloween backdrop!! We’ll have to try and get something like this together for our P+T costume party tomorrow night. :)

8 years ago

What (fabric?) did you use for the very back [white] backdrop? And where did you get it?

I’m throwing a last minute birthday party for myself tomorrow, and I need to buy & get this set up ASAP!

P.S. So pretty I wanna keep this up year round <3

8 years ago

Love love love. Halloween is my favorite.

8 years ago

i like it <3

8 years ago
8 years ago

Great idea! I love the candles they add a nice touch. We did a Halloween Party photo backdrop on our blog last week too! Check it out:

8 years ago

this is so great! thanks for sharing, i’ve been trying to think of a fun photobooth idea for my halloween party this weekend!

8 years ago

Absolutely LOVE this look! This may be something I permanently add to my yoga and meditation space!