Trend Alert: Linear Love

Stripes are a force to be reckoned with – powerful, classic, and bold.

No matter what direction their path leads them in, they leave a mark, and it’s one that the eye is drawn to. Some are horizontal, like sets of waves rolling in as the tide creeps up the shore. Or vertical, like the tallest tree trunk shooting up from the earth. Then they curve, like the crescent outline of the moon.

My gaze is always wandering , looking for lines that exist organically in nature or in the city streets. I’m drawn to symmetry, and from a photography standpoint, I love nothing more than capturing those lines. This is probably why I have a such an affinity for striped clothing.

Stripes have the ability to conform, no matter what style is being portrayed. As long as the right pieces are put in place, they can be worn by anybody.

lines walking

Jumpsuits are playful, especially one that is striped from head to toe. To balance it out, adding in boy elements can instantly make it cool. Try incorporating a beanie, leather jacket or a flannel. I love the neutral colors and thin lines in the Santa Fe Jumper jumpsuit. The wide spacing makes it easy on the eyes and not too loud.


Get the Look: Santa Fe Jumper, Knit Hooded Twill Jacket, Reversed Fairisle Beanie

pretty stripes

The Go Easy Stripe Hoodie is one of my favorite pieces in the October Catalog. The over-sized silhouette is cozy and the multicolored stripes keep it fun. It’s one of those fall staples that I could throw on no matter what I’m doing and feel good in it. Not to mention, it’s soft…so soft

hooded swetaer

Get the Look: Go Easy Stripe Hoodie, Witches Ring, Stacked Turquoise Ring

stripes and skirt

The Tibetian Stripe Maxi skirt is wild. It’s got color, flow, and lines that go in every direction. This is one of those statement making pieces that reminds me of some of the first FP items I ever bought. Keeping it casual with boots and a solid pullover makes for an easy and effortless look.

long skirt

Get the Look: Tibetian Stripe Maxi, Sudan V Neck, Sierra Crest Mid Boot

How are you wearing stripes this fall?

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9 years ago

Hurrah! Love stripes, love free people, what could go wrong!

9 years ago

My best friend and I were just talking about stripes. I love crisp, blue ones on white. Nautical and put together with a pair of skinnies and flats.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Obsessed with stripes! The jumpsuit is incredible x
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