First…Love Yourself

To love is to live. Live in love with yourself.

Before we even begin… let’s get one thing straight. To love yourself… to honor YOU as you would any other… takes self-respect and patience.  Loving yourself requires appreciation for the mind, body, and spirit you embody on this earth. To fall in love with “you” is not equated with promoting ego, conceit, or arrogance. Ok? Ok….

First love yourself, then others will love you. Love your mind, the outstanding accomplishments and failures that help you grow. Love your body, the exquisite beauty and faults that make it so. Love your soul, the enthusiastic happiness and the splendid release of sorrow.

Embrace mind, body and soul within both arms…spread wide enough to envelop the world within your hands… dance when you feel like dancing, cry when you feel like crying. Express the love you feel within yourself to help the self-love of others prevail – and while it may be the most terrifying journey, to accept yourself as you are in its entirety, it will make loving others, in all their differences, in all their shapes and sizes… as natural as breathing.

Yes. Buy yourself flowers. Embrace yourself mentally in a hug… laugh in the moments you need it most from another…. go on a vacation by yourself ….. go out dancing solo…. sit at a café all day long writing and reading without needing another to make you feel comfortable. Self-love is complete acceptance of yourself. To know who you are, where you have come from, and all the places you still have to go… own it all and stand proud.


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Photographer: Graham Dunn

Model: Kelly Ash

HMU: Emily Nickrent

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9 years ago

Every human needs to hear these words!

9 years ago

Thank you for this! Why is it so hard to spend time alone?

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Thanks for posting this. Love it!

P.S. That Yamaha Strappy back tunic is rad!

Gypsy Plunder Vintage

9 years ago

i love her hair and smile!!!! i would love to cut my hair like this but i don`t think it would suit me.

9 years ago

To love yourself is to forgive yourself – mistakes big and small.

Love this! You are worth the time, invest it in yourself.

xx Kelly

9 years ago

Just what I needed to read this morning and every morning. It takes practice and patience but self love is so important. Beautiful intimate your posts Amy.

9 years ago

Thank you for these sweet reminders :)

9 years ago

Thank you for these beautiful words! I needed them. Especially today.

9 years ago

Thank you for this words!! All of us should record them in our mind

Love your blog :)

9 years ago

Absolutely in love with everything this post represents.

9 years ago

I LOVE everything about this. So much truth.

9 years ago

This is exactly the motivational speech I needed to hear! Thanks you for this post ;) The black and white photography is stunning!

~ ash

9 years ago

Thanks for this post!! I just read it out loud to myself and it really fueled my love for myself even further!

9 years ago

Perfect words. Has anyone read the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay? It teaches all about how to love yourself, and it changed my world.

9 years ago

Well isn’t this just what I needed. Thank you!

9 years ago

Not only is this post great, but I’m LOVING the Patti Smith/Robert Mapplethorpe vibes in this photoset.

Northern Rustication

9 years ago

Beautiful post, currently in the process of learning to love myself first and its the most eye-opening and enlightening experience!

9 years ago

no other words but Thank You amy. for these words. reminders I wish to keep in my pocket always.

9 years ago

You are so right.
Love you self – and the rest of the world will love you, too.

9 years ago

I love her!

8 years ago

Thank you for such a great letter!

8 years ago

I really enjoy spending time alone, going to places by myself but people always find it very odd and like if I have some sort of mental issue because I like going alone to a coffee shop or the movies

8 years ago

Love the article and the clothes…Preach it sister!! Self- love all the way.

I need to try the sitting in a cafe on your own… i must try that!