BLDG 25 Blog Presents: Lucius The Band

Meet Lucius – Jess, Holly, Dan, Andy, and Peter. Last year a dear friend passed their album my way (as best of friends do) and it was this song… “Go Home”…. This song did something.

This is why we love music. What it’s capable of doing in just a moment’s time to the very core of who you are, altering how that soul of yours travels through the rest of its day. Their conviction through song blows you away on the first note. One single note. One single line… that’s all you need… the rest is just the cherry on top. Listen to the entirety of “Wildewoman” on repeat… again, again, again… and it’s as good now as it ever was. This sweet honeymoon seems to be everlasting.

We met with Lucius to film a session before they took off on their European tour. Nestled up in the hills of Marin California, we all came together in one old barn, no electricity, and not enough time. One song, one take… “that’s all you need.” True. Thank you for making magic… for following your gift and sharing your tunes; they make the days… well, always better. For that, I tip my hat.

Watch the session of “Go Home” above… hear why their album is called “Wildewoman” and why being outcasts is kind like an adult version of an… incast…? Yeah. An incast.






Visit Lucius online and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Wildewoman Deluxe coming 10/14!

Photos by Julia.

Special thank you to Nelsen Brazill & Nickolas Zvolensky

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9 years ago

Wow!!! That video gave me chills!

9 years ago

That song was an amazing! Great performance too… definitely will be downloading their album. Also, can’t believe this was in Marin, so beautiful & so near to me!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

I love Lucius! Great post!

9 years ago

That video is gorgeous!!I Love Lucius. Saw them at osl and they blew my mind. Love what they say about wildewomen….

9 years ago

I absolutely love this band! Their song “Turn It Around” is my favorite. I find it so empowering. Love their sound, this post is perfect!

9 years ago

Love this!
Those voices! Pipes!!!

9 years ago

Wow! They are so Wonderfully Unique & Original! I especially love the minimal accompaniment of the instruments and the amazing harmonies of the incredibly talented singers! Thank you for sharing!

The Weaver Of Words…….give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale……….

9 years ago

this video and song were really extraordinary. i loved it.

9 years ago

SO incredible. Love the story behind the name wildewoman!

9 years ago

I LOVE IT. I just saw their concert in Chicago the day you posted this (: they’re absolutely wonderful.

9 years ago

AMAZING. Love their style, too. Those haircuts!

Warm Regards,