The Meaning Of The Hunter’s Moon

Evening falls just a bit earlier, a breeze ruffles your curtains — markedly crisper than the previous days — and leaves appear in increasing numbers around your feet — what is it about October that is so perfectly haunting and enchanting all in one?

This season is one that invites us to bundle up, get outside, and get to work, when the last dredges of harvest must be put up, canned, baked or preserved, ready to sustain us through a long winter. Through wilted leaves and vines, we can easily see the fruits of our labor that must be collected. With the trees baring their branches, exposing the mysteries of the forests and woods they protect, it’s easy to understand why October’s full moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon.

The first full moon following the Harvest Moon (the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox), the Hunter’s Moon is a natural successor to a month of gathering. Autumn is a time of preparation, whether we’re growing our own crops or browsing the bounty of others at the market, we harvest and hunt to ensure safe passage through to spring. While it’s known as the Hunter’s Moon among some North American tribes, October’s full moon — which falls on October 8th this year — is also known as the Dying Grass Moon and the Travel Moon.

Beyond marking when we should harvest and hunt, this year’s full Hunter’s Moon will be accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. Rising at sunset and setting at sunrise, October 8th will be the only night in the month when the moon is visible in the sky all night long.

October's Moon 1

 First quarter: October 1st

Full moon: October 8th

Last quarter: October 15th

New moon: October 23rd

First quarter: October 30th

With it’s mysterious connotations and shorter days, October is the perfect month to celebrate the phases of the moon. As we transition to shorter days and longer nights, take a moment to appreciate the changing seasons, or devote some time on October 8th to watching the eclipse from a quiet place.

How will you celebrate October’s moon?

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Sure I’m gonna watch the eclipse !
I love all the things about planet and moon. It’s very interesting, mysterious and inspiring.



Love October and The MOON..cant wait to watch is this month. Thxx free peeps


eclipse eclipse eclipse!
oh yea!

Shaila F.

The Hunter’s Moon is on my birthday this year! October 8th, despite getting older..I am very excited for this birthday. It feels inspirational to me


Love it x