Monday Quote: Move Along

Time heals nothing unless you move along with it. 

It’s true.

I truly believe that time heals all, but you have to put a little effort in if you expect to see a fix. It wasn’t until I read this quote that I realized I typically wait for time to do all the work, and I think it’s best if I change that.

Rather than waiting for a new outcome, create one. Moving on from things in the past brings you one step farther into the present, and the quicker you do it, the more time you have to be happy.

The clock will tick, so why not take a turn at being the hands that go ’round?

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yes, that’s truth. Time isn’t waiting for anyone to change, we have to keep going, growing and making our lives better.


LOVE THIS JANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So very true. I think what we put into it, we get out of it. Thank you for that wonderful reminder that ultimately we do need to take an active part in our personal journey.

This is so true! Making time go by faster by keeping busy is an amazing tool to move forward, and it makes it feel so easy, almost effortless. We gain so much by remembering to “do.”

x Kelly

Love this thought, time heals all if we let it and move forward with it. Very true.

Warm Regards,

Great quote and picture! Thanks for the reminder.

Daisy Rosales

Love this!!

I always love you monday quotes <3 It's make me think, where did you find it ?