Muses of Decades Past

The night of hallows is among us soon. October 31st comes every year — and every year, it gives every woman, man, and child an excuse to adorn themselves in costume — to be anyone or anything they so choose. Many go for the usual suspects: nurse, cat, pumpkin, vampire… us? We’re looking to our muses of the past that quite frankly, still have us musing onward to the future. We turn the tables of Halloween costumes to our favorite inspirational style icons of decades-past: Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Edie Sedgwick and Cher.

All of them icons. Each of them powerful influencers of personal style and individuality. All of these women define ‘timeless‘ — inspiring generations upon generations to come.

So, yeah… yeah… I’ll be that… if even for a night of drifting and dancing with the lost witches and Draculas. I’ll dress myself in timeless style and call it a “costume”.

Best part? I can still wear the same pieces again, again, and again.

We spent the day with Hairroin Salon, collaborating to transform Annie into each of our muses. 1 girl… 4 icons. Enjoy! Happy Halloween to you all.

Stevie Nicks – The Romantic- Bohemian- Rock n’ Roller.

Get the look: Bonnie Dress, Joe Boot, Lace Me Up Dress, Baroness Heel Ankle Boot.

Icons-1 Icons-3 Icons-2Icons-4


Debbie Harry: The Blondie-Punk Rocker

Get the look: Stripe Crewneck Top, Heavy Metal Skinny, Classic Biker Jacket, Galloon Lace Racerback, Charlie Cuff Beanie.



Edie Sedgwick: Mod-Pop ’60s-Youthquaker

Get the look: On the Line Ponte Dress, Everyday Opaque Tight, Shifting Gears Dress, Channeling Leopard Coat, Grandeur Over The Knee Boot.





 Cher: Hippie-Glam Disco Queen

Get the look: Embellished Peasant Top, Border Printed Flare, Double Banded Embossed Fedora.




Special thanks to Hairroin Salon!

Photographer: Graham Dunn

Model: Annie Mcginty @ Vision

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9 years ago

Oh, what an odd coincidence! I’ve been putting together my “Edie” look for a week or two already. Isn’t she perfect?

9 years ago

This is perfect! Gorgeous pieces – nothing better than having some things to wear once the party is over.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I love this! Edie has been an idol of mine for years now.

9 years ago

Amy!! Your posts always rock my world. Impeccable muses of taste and beauty. Thanks always for these editorials.

9 years ago
9 years ago

So so good!

9 years ago

Love the Edie triangle hat. How much is it I would love to buy one.

9 years ago

Love love love this post!!! But I have to say Stevie Nicks is by far my favorite one!

9 years ago

Absolutely love this post!! Throwback to 4th grade when I chose Cher as my Halloween costume and all the other kids just didn’t quite get it… haha

9 years ago

Definitely going to go as Stevie Nicks this year – I have the most perfect bell-sleeved Gypsy Junkies tunic that I got from FP a while ago that I’m going to pair with some booties, a hat, and a tambourine. So perfect!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

I LOVE Stevie! Her look is what drove me to FP. Seeing this post however a bit late I’ve already put my pirate costume together. I used my white tattered up slip, ruffled military jacket in black, black boots and added a pirate hat and red and white stripped sash. Love that my everyday clothes can style me any way I choose. LOVE you FP!

These are amazing costume ideas! I love Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks. They’re probably two of my favorite female singers ever! Thank you for sharing these muses. :)


9 years ago

Amazing photo shoot! Love me some Stevie!!

Gypsy Plunder Vintage