How To Get Naturally Straight Hair

There is one thing I get really excited about when fall comes around, and it has nothing to do with pumpkin spice lattes…

Fall is the season of good hair days. The frizz is gone, and the cool air seems to make hair lay just right. I have naturally wavy hair, and  the only time I like to wear it straight is in the cooler months. The summer humidity makes my hair fuller than ever, and when I try to have it lay flat, well…let’s just say it likes to do its own thing.

Using heat is normally the first go-to. Hair dryers and straighteners will get the trick done, but over time will damage and dry out your hair. This season, I’ve ditched the heat and started practicing some natural ways to help straighten my hair.

After Shower Brushing


After I take a shower, I only usually brush my hair is if I plan on using a hair dryer or straightener. I’ll brush it once, then put heat to it. This season I’m skipping the heat and will just continue to brush my hair periodically until it is dry. My hair is pretty thick, so using a wide tooth comb (try the Argan Oil Wide Tooth Comb, which is infused with argan oil for extra shine!) or large paddle brush (like the Hand Painted Wooden Brush) works best for me. I’ll find my natural part, then brush my hair every 5 minutes or so until it is dry. Consistently brushing until my hair is completely dry takes away a lot of my wave for a straighter look.

Cold Water Rinse

cold water rinse

Using cold water in conjunction with a straightening shampoo and conditioner is another way to help straighten out locks. After washing, switch the water from hot to cold. Try and make it as cold as you can bear. The cool water will make hair extra shiny, help tame frizz, and straighten it out.

Milk & Honey Hair Mask

milk and honey

Milk and honey is one of those combinations that just sounds good. Making a hair mask with this duo is one of the best ways to straighten out hair. Mix one cup of milk with 1 tbsp of honey. The thicker the milk, the better. (I’ll normally use whole milk, but coconut milk also works great.) Apply the mask all over and let it sit for about an hour. Wash out normally, or using a straightening shampoo and conditioner.

Overnight Hair Bands

hair ties

An easy way to get straighter hair is by using hair bands. While your hair is damp, section it out into two low pig tails or one pony in the back of your head. Using soft hair bands (don’t use rubber bands!), section off the hair like the picture above. Make sure to keep the bands loose so ridges don’t form. Keep your hair like this over night, and take out in the morning for straighter hair! Whenever I do this, I’ll also sleep on a silk scarf to tame frizz.

If you have any other ways you like to get naturally straighter hair, please share!

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I’ve always had naturally straight hair and although i’ve never really complained about it, i still think people born with naturally curly hair are so blessed. embrace that, love your hair, love yourself!

Holly James

Well I have curly hair so bad it is hard to do anything with it


Thank you Alexa! I just like a change sometimes and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that :)

I have naturally curly hair and I hate it because it’s so dry and also damaged. For the few last months I’ve been brushing my hair until it’s almost dry and then I put it into really low pigtail or loose braids. In the morning I just use a little bit of hair oil or silicone and it looks really good :)


did u try using conditioner twice in the shower , before and after shampoo, and leave it for a couple minutes like 4 to 5 mins , then wash it well , also put conditioner even when u aren’t in the shower to moisturize and make it better , it might take time like sometimes it could reach to 2 years to get ur hair good , but its good

I follow the wet brushing rule, too. Also, because my hair is naturally curly it takes a day or two to get oily throughout, and my second day of a hair wash my hair is normally straighter, so I run my fingers through and will use a few drops of Moroccan oil to tame frizz.

Warm Regards,

My hair is naturally wavy and I love it. However this milk and honey mask looks great so I’ll try it anyway :)

xx Cecil //


For me, the best way is “wrapping” all the hair around my head with bobby pins like this

Loved this article, especially the argan oil infused hair combs, which I really want now! Thank you for sharing!

I’ve kinda learned to embrace my crazy curls. Though I would love to use that hair mask.


Omg is this one of the free people hats!?

Interesting! I might try this just for fun, I have naturally wavy curly hair. I really wanna try the hair bands technique and see what that does to my hair!

Hahaha now this is funny! I always hated my curls, but since half a year, I am just so in love with my blond lion mane. So now I will use your post to know, what I will never do again so that I keep my curls! :D

Thank you so much! Hugs, Thea /


I personally have straight hair but it tends to get frizzy so what I do is comb my hair through once and just let it dry. I find that the more i brush it the less smooth it becomes :)

Milk and honey mask!! that looks great .. gonna try it today .. I remember my grandma telling me about honey being great for hair.


did it work?


Not for me but it may be just because I have EXTREMELY unruly hair but you will probably need something stronger

I have wavy in between hair so these tips are great for me! Thank you. I’m going to try the overnight hair bands tonight

shannon coffey

I already have simi- straight hair but I still like to use the ponytail method so I don’t have to deal with my tiny waves.

Straight,shiny and smooth hair always gives a trendy look.Straight hair can easily styled in numerous ways.But most of the people are not blessed with straight hair.I hope this article will really help them.


Honestly I have wavy and puffy hair which is a big issue for me and looks perfect when it’s straight but I have to keep straightening it everyday. I’m gonna try some of these procedures to see if it will do the trick! Hopefully my hair will work with this.

I have frizzy hair and I used the hair mask and it didn’t work

None of these work

I love this post. I have suffered badly and still am from dry skin. I also had some eczema in between and I know how it feels to want to scratch your skin off. I am sure this will help a lot for people. :)

i found this article help also this is a natural remedy using manuka oil and manuka honey.


I naturally had long curly hair and was bored so i searched on google how to keep the hair naturally the options came i selected it.Tried the tips it really worked now i use the tips always after week and now my hair is silky,straight,smooth n shiny…


a good idea would to put your hair in a bun after washing, like low bun, have in air dry and then take it out in the morning


Fuck ya


I have crazy curly hair and have always hated it. It’s grown on me over time but I’d still prefer straight hair. I tried the hair bands technique and it worked! Thanks


Also, the hair mast looks great so I guess I’ll have to give it a go!


I really like this idea for when my curly hair gets out of control! (i can’t wait to try the milk and honey hair mask)