The Vegan Candy Corn Recipe You’ve Been Searching For

I have a thing for candy corn. Always have. White, yellow, orange… there’s just something about this simple little candy that makes them hard to resist. As Halloween draws ever closer, their presence on grocery store shelves is undeniable, almost irresistible…

That is until you read the list of ingredients. So I set out in search of an alternative, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today. Surprisingly easy to whip up, these little vegan morsels are close to the real thing, and taste surprisingly similar to cookie dough, without all the extra ingredients.

Check out the recipe below, and be sure to tell me what you think!

Candy Corn
Vegan Candy Corn


1/4 cup golden syrup (look for Lyle’s brand)

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp melted coconut oil

1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar

1 cup gluten-free flour or tapioca flour + more for mixing

Food coloring

Parchment paper

Candy CornFirst, whisk together the golden syrup, vanilla, and melted coconut oil in a bowl. Add the confectioner’s sugar and mix until fully combined, then add the flour a little at a time until completely incorporated (a wooden spoon works well for this step).

Candy CornTransfer the dough to a parchment-covered cutting board and begin kneading in more flour until it reaches a consistency similar to clay. Next, cut the dough into three equally-sized sections.

Candy CornAdd a few drops of yellow food coloring to one dough ball, and knead until fully colored, then add a few drops of orange food coloring to a ball of dough and knead. Leave the third as-is (this will be the white section). Wrap the dough in parchment paper and stick in the freezer for 10 minutes, this will make the dough much easier to work with.

Candy CornAfter 10 minutes, remove the dough from the freezer and place on the parchment paper. Roll each ball out into ropes and arrange like the picture above. If the dough gets too soft, stick it back in the freezer for a few minutes.

Candy CornUse a sharp knife to cut the dough into candy corn shapes. Because these have so few ingredients, they’re best kept in the freezer or refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them. Enjoy!

Candy CornCandy CornWhat’s your favorite Halloween treat? Please share!

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8 years ago

Sounds like this would work, and they’re adorable, too! Definitely would use carrots and yellow beets or something for the food coloring, though. ;)

8 years ago

These are so cute! Pinning. I would also love to know about some alternative coloring options.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

this is perfect! i’ve been looking for a candy corn recipe!

8 years ago

This is seriously what I’ve been searching for!!!

Awww. This is so cute/creative!

Inspiration MYCreation

8 years ago

Do you have to use gluten free or tapioca flour? All I have on hand is regular white flour.

8 years ago

Do you think the sugar and golden syrup could be replaced with maple syrup or honey to make this paleo?

8 years ago

love this so much! thanks for sharing <3

8 years ago

yum. definitely trying this~ thanks

8 years ago

I’m sorry to tell you this, but confectioners glaze isn’t vegan. It’s made of crushed up bugs, which is sad because a lot of amazing candies have it. Does anyone have any suggestions for a substitute I could use?

8 years ago

Never mind, I see it says sugar not glaze which is fine. I can’t wait to make these now!

8 years ago

These are seriously so adorable, and I can’t wait to make these! I’ve told all of my friends of this recipe, so now a bunch of them are making these too. I would love for there to be more vegan candy recipes, these are the best!!

8 years ago

Candy Corn is my absolute FAVVVVORITE! This post is awesome, thanks!

8 years ago

Has anyone actually tried making these? A lot of comments, but not much feedback. One thing I like about candy corns is the honey-ish taste. Jelly Belly (Goelitz) makes egg-free ones, but not vegan by any means. This post says they taste like cookie dough, which I wonder if that’s close to candy corn flavor or if it’s more about the look and texture being the same?

8 years ago

I made these tonight. They look great but taste pretty bad. Nothing like candy corn or cookie dough for that matter. Gonna try some other recipes.

8 years ago

they taste like sugar cookie dough… I’m thinking maybe more sugar less flour but I’m going to play with it a bit

7 years ago

I made these today and the only problem I found was that the flour was somewhat overwhelming so I just added more golden syrup and powdered sugar and they pretty much just taste like sugar cookies

7 years ago

Great recipe my kiddos love them Thank-you!! fun to make and easy

G River
7 years ago

The gluten free flour gave the candy corn a really weird after taste. Is there anything besides gluten free flour that can be used? Everything else was great (used agave instead of corn syrup). Thanks for any feedback!

7 years ago

These looked really cute but I made them for my mom who loves candy corn and got ridiculed. They were doughy and pastey and sad. The dogs loved them though, so I baked them into hockey puck cookies!

5 years ago

Hmm….they dont set so just squish when touched. I was hoping theyd be transportable so I could give them out for Halloween

5 years ago

For something different I tried to substitute orange Food Colouring for Pumpkin Purée and Yellow for Bananas (Mashed). This will give it a different taste but it would be different! U can experiment with different flavours